Creative Problem Solving Approaches

Describe approaches to creative problem solving and ways to encourage creative problem solving among employees.

Creative problem solving is important in solving problems and different approaches can be used as a result among the employees and even the management id solving various problems associated with them (Carmeli et al., 2013). .

  • Brainstorming is an important approach to problem solving as it enables various members in the group to come up with ideas in a divergent manner towards finding solutions to the problems they face. It can be done in particular groups or in crowd sharing platforms.
  • Synetics is another problem solving approach which further helps individuals in coming up with solutions to their problems through using various thinking processes that the individual might not know he has. Rational methods are used in arriving at a solution to a problem and the use of teams is required by this problem solving approach.
  • TRIZ methodology is another approach to solving problems. The approach most focuses on the creation regarding patentable inventions. The method had commonly been used in Russia regarding inventions and their patenting to prevent intellectual rights theft among other rights associated with the inventions.
  • Mind mapping is another technique for solving problem that helps brings about creative in problem solving and reframing the problem to be solved. A visual tool helps with generation, synthesis, better analysis and structuring information to come up with better solutions creatively. The mind map in this instance is obvious.
  • Lateral thinking – It is another approach in problem solving that helps in coming up with solutions through illogical methods. Therefore, it does not use conventional methods in its problem solving approach. As such, methods used in the problem solving are not conventional and follow an indirect approaching where the thinking is done in a manner that is not common (Petrou et al., 2016).


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