Customer Defined Standards, Their Types And Examples

It is significant for every particular business to plan and define service delivery standards and this should be based on its customer expectations. An organization  has to understand what the customer needs before defining these standards. Service standards can be identified through various sources like the feedback from customers or even conducting some customer research. This could depend on the quality of service given to the customer after placing an order. Quality service enhances customer satisfaction which further contributes to the customer loyalty (Heskett & James, 2013).

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Types of  Customer Defined Standards

There are two types of customer defined standards which include the hard customer defined standard and the Soft customer defined standard.  The hard customer defined standards are things that can be measured, observed, timed, or counted through audits examples like number of events or time. On the other hand, the soft customer defined standards are opinion based measures which cannot be observed and must be collected through speaking directly to the customers.

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Examples of Customer Defined Standards

Examples of the hard customer defined standards may include the percentage delivery of hospital product when promised, percentage of number of calls which are served within a given period of time and may be the number of photographs which are developed by a photography company within an hour.

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Examples of Soft customer defined standards may include eliminating call transfers by an insurance company, keeping patient information confidential by a medical center and may be keeping noise to a minimum in a medical facility.

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It is important to set standards in any business environment and also to evaluate the set standards. Setting suitable standards help in ensuring that all standards regarding customer satisfaction are covered. These standards are reliant and driven by customers whose prospect keeps varying (Anderson, Eric & Duncan Simester, 2013).

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