Customer’s Memorable Experiences With a Salesperson

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This research paper presents a description of memorable experience, which a customer has encountered with a salesperson. It, also, presents a description of uncomfortable experience that a customer has ever encountered with a sales person. Selling, as a vital aspect of business, requires being handled with a lot of care because it is the entry point of success in business after advertising. Most people still believe that selling should be a high pressure or charged encounter between customers and salespeople (Jamail, 2011). Though this could have been the situation in the past era, contemporary age requires salespeople to engage customers with a humble approach.  This follows the realization that a customer has his/her own rights, and should be treated as a respectable center of interest in a selling situation (Jamail, 2011). Selling in the modern age happens on wider platform as compared to the past. Customers in the modern selling situations are more informed, and can apply internet-based tools like websites, social networks such as Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook, and other interactive forums that allow them to engage in the process irrespective of whatever they would like to buy (Jamail, 2011). However, in some selling situations, customers can either encounter comfortable or uncomfortable experiences.

Comfortable Experience with a Salesperson

A few days ago I was walking along a certain street in town when I met a group of four ladies conducting their sales and promotional business in the open air. They were marketing, selling and convincing customers to buy new cosmetic products from one of the newly opened cosmetic companies in town. Of those salesladies, one of them approached me and requested for my attention. I listened to her promotional skills of the new product, and the whole encounter turned out being a wonderful, comfortable and desirable experience, which most customers would prefer. She showed me the product samples and talked about them in brief. There are a lot of things I liked during my interaction with the saleslady; the first one was her strong ego. According to Martin (2011), a successful salesperson should display high self-esteem, strong ego and have the capacity to regain from rejection. The approach the saleslady had towards me indicated her understanding of the fact that rejection is an aspect of sales business. She was, therefore, prepared and could not have been immobilized had I rejected her approach.

The second thing that made me comfortable during the encounter with the saleslady was her level of sociability. Sales business requires a salesperson to have the capacity to build a relationship with the customer (Martin, 2011). What I noticed about the saleslady during my encounter with her, was her sense of humor; she appeared talkative, friendly, outgoing and she showed interest in me for more information like if I would consider changing from applying my usual lotion and try the new one. Besides, the saleslady had a lot of creativity in the approach and introduction of the new product. This was commendable and appeared comfortable to me because, as Martin (2011) asserts, creativity is an inevitable technique especially while introducing a new product. The sales language that the lady embraced was comfortable in the sense that she encouraged her customers to embrace a new look and general experience by using the new cosmetic products that she was selling. Generally, the encounter with this lady was positive and made me feel comfortable to the extent that I bought her products.

Uncomfortable experience with a salesperson

In some instances, sales people can be very annoying leading to uncomfortable experiences during an encounter in a selling situation. This happened to me recently when I walked into a shopping mall to buy a pair of shoes. As I proceeded to the shoes section, I passed by a section where they were selling phones, and I just stopped to check new models and their prices. However, one salesperson, a gentleman, approached me with a Sony Erikson phone model, which he was promoting, and engaged me in a selling situation, but not in a friendly, comfortable manner like in my past encounter. The salesman insisted that I should like the kinds of phones he was selling because they were convenient to him. This made me realize that the salesman was not modest enough in his approach to a selling situation. According to Martin (2011), sales people should not be egotistical and pushy; instead, they should pass the information regarding the product, but respect the choice of the customer. Therefore, the most annoying experience in this encounter was the salesman insisting that I should buy his mobile phones when, in the first place, I had not even gone to the mall to buy a phone, but shoes.

In my profession, I work as a customer service officer in a beverages company. I attend to clients and solve their issues on a daily basis. Being with a personality of an extrovert, I believe that I can handle the profession of salesmanship with a lot of ease (Jamail, 2011). This is because of my assertive, sociable, talkative and outgoing nature. My character of being modest can enable me to inform people, but leave them the freedom to make choices.

In conclusion, this research paper presented a description of memorable experience, which a customer had encountered with a salesperson. It, also, presented a description of uncomfortable experience that the same customer encountered with a sales person. In a memorable experience, the salesperson displayed high self-esteem, strong ego and had the capacity to regain from rejection. In an uncomfortable experience, the salesperson was not modest in his approach to a selling situation.

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