Deceptive Conversation Analysis Using The HURIER Model

Listening for Deception


As human kind, our natural inclination is that of trusting other human beings but from when we were children, as soon as we learnt to speak the idea of deception was planted in our minds.This paper delves into an incident of deception that I became a victim of, when I worked in retail and will showcase how I used the HURIER model to determine and prove that I was indeed deceived.

Analysis of the Incidence

One of the main challenges of working in a retail store is the fact that people masquerading as customers are always trying to steal from the business. One evening a woman rushed into the store carrying several bags and explained that she needed to return the items claiming that she was in trouble and needed money urgently.According to the definition of deception by Floyd (384), I knew I had been deceived becauseas the speaker she intentionally and knowingly transmitted information with the intention to create a sense of false belief in me as the receiver. To be sure that I was being deceived, I used the key concepts provided by the HURIER model; hearing, understanding, remembering, interpreting, evaluating and responding, to analyze the situation.

As I listened empathetically to what she was saying, I heard what she was saying and because I was emotionally moved I only understood how distressed she was and may not have been attentive to the red flags that popped up in her story. As I was preparing to reverse the transaction according to the company policy I remembered some things she was saying and how she said them that did not add up,and I immediately began evaluating her fidgety and nervous body language such as evading eye-contact and subconsciously covering her mouth as she spoke. These signs and the context; the fact that the clothes were in bags that did not belong to the store, pointed to the three elements of deception; the information was false, it was being shared on purpose and the woman was trying to make me believe her.

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