Workforce Development Discussion- Friends of Youth Nonprofit Organization

Discussion Instructions

Post abrief description of a government or non-profit organization you are familiar with. Explain the demographic trends that may impact the workforce of the organization you selected. Explain the evolution of the workforce in terms of types of employees, locations, relationship to organization, and the implications on human resource management (HRM).
Be sure to support your postings with specific references to the resources.

Sample Discussion

Friends of Youth is a non-profit organization found in Redmond city, Washington. The organization serves to provide prevention services, treatment and housing for the youth and their dependents to enhance healthy relationships and individual growth among the youth. Therefore, it is an organization that deals with the young people in respect to drugs, homelessness truancy, early parenting among many other issues that affect the youth negatively.  60% of the population in Redmond is married, and that means that most of the population consists of workers who make there living in the various industries and organizations in Redmond. Since most of the population is working, a change in demographics can have an adverse effect on the working population. An influx of immigrants can lead to jobs being given to them at a lower wages while laying-off some of the residents of Redmond (Hendry, 2012). Workforce planning in the Friend of Youth organization is mainly centered on the various activities that are done by the organization especially in restoring youth to better living and rehabilitation.

Therefore, people work in the organization is counselors, volunteers and other staff that deal with the daily takes involved in the organization. A change in demographic trends especially the increasing demand for youths, and the high number of aging people at the workplace poses a challenge at the workplace (Purce, 2014). The human resource management should thus come up with a means of controlling the workforce development, particularly when the aged can have more years added while looking for young people to fill any vacancies.  Since aging workers are more at the workplace and approaching retiring age the HR should ensure that, it has a recruitment strategy to deal with the looming shortage.  There is more diversity in gender and religion among the workforce and therefore the human resource management needs to handle the workers in a particular manner to prevent any conflicts that may arise due to diversity issues (Jiang et al., 2012). The human resource should further find ways to train workers in a cost effective way since the experienced aging workers are approaching the retirement age.

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