Accepting Cultural Differences in the Workplace

Challenges and opportunities related to addressing diversity needs in government and non-profit organizations

Diversity is what differentiates employees’ values in the workplace, race, ethnicity, age, characteristics, and sexual orientations, physical and mental abilities all contribute to diversity. Other dimensions of diversity include first language, work experience, family status, communication style and geographical location. People in the workplace possess different perspectives and this will affect how work is done in the office. Human resource personnel will always face challenges when trying to handle and incorporate the diversity in the offices today, with people of races and experiences (Pynes, 2013). The effectiveness of an office is hugely contributed upon by the capitalization of each employee’s contribution to an organization, this is a concept employers should go by.

There is always lack of fairness in most recruitment processes, job seekers will be turned away from flawed recruitment selection methods, and poor evaluation methods. Human resource management faces additional challenges such as performance evaluation, training and development, benefits and compensation, promotion and fairness in recruitment. The lack of respect for diversity by employers leads to bad service, lack of efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Employers should be more open and respectful to diversity as it leads to higher quality ideas, creative alternatives and reliable viewpoints.

Right of employers to set parameters regarding acceptable appearance standards

As an employer regulating the appearance of the employees at the workplace will be one of the core duties. When the hiring process is underway the Human resources management puts a lot into consideration all in the interest of the organization. Professional and attractive appearances are definitely influencing factors in whether clients or customers will do business with you. Increase of business sales and profits start with a good impression, it is however the employers duty to set parameters on an individual’s appearance as they hire so that the company is represented well. Discrimination on appearance on matters such as body art, body weight, grooming, dress code have always arisen over the years, it is however not illegal for an employer to make employment decisions that they prefer. Employers should however be careful with the parameters they put in place as individuals will always bring on non cognizable appearance based claims (Guy, 2010).

Issues that might arise when considering the possibility of instituting appearance standards

There have been numerous lawsuits by jobseekers with tattoos claiming their right to work in organizations, claiming and supporting that they are professionally qualified for the jobs they were turned away for. A company will have to prove itself against the negative business impacts that employees with tattoos bring. The fears of lawsuits for someone else’s choices of having a tattoo are just not right but these are just part of discrimination issues that may arise when an organization chooses to limit its diversity to some extents. The stereotypical notion that tattoos and piercings are unprofessional has continued to dwindle and many organizations are hiring employers for their qualifications and professionalism (Strate et al., 2009). A business will not necessarily lose its customers for having a workforce with tattoos the efficiency of the workforce is all that matters.

Diversity is what makes every organization grow, if it is incorporated well in an organization, through proper hiring methods then the workplace will be conducive for all. Every organizations mains goal is to succeed and make profits, despite the organizations mode of operation, diversity should be placed in all parts of the firm for its productivity.

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