Develop Community Fitness Based Health Education Program


Part 1: Prepare a 12-15 page paper using information from the readings, projects and papers throughout the course to develop a community fitness based health education program that can be used by all segments of the population (adults, children, elderly, physically challenged, and special populations) in your community.

  • The program should include theoretical foundations for program components.
  • A community needs assessment for conduciveness to physical activity.
  • A community education component regarding the benefits of physical activity and how the program can be used to satisfy the FIT concept for each segment of the population.
  • Any modifications that may be needed.
  • Equipment that will be used in the program.
  • A social marketing concept.
  • Stakeholder and community partners’ information.
  • Strategies for program implementation, monitoring, evaluation.
  • Ethical issues.
  • Why you think this program is necessary and how will it benefit the community?

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