NR-451-RN – Educational Preparation as a BSN Graduate

Educational Preparation as a BSN Graduate

The university program of undergraduate nurses is a competed education program structure to train individuals to become competent and reliable caregivers in the future. This program is used by the university to prepare students in the nursing program to acquire the right knowledge required to be regarded as graduates in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The program graduates and educates caring and competent nursing professional. This education program offers skills needed for nursing and assists learners to develop aptitudes to think critically, to make complete clinical decisions, to evaluate complex situations and to offer safe nursing care. The program has focused on nursing research as well as evidence-based practice (Dearholt  & Dang, 2012).  This gives nurses the power to develop nursing research skills and to offer quality services to their patients. The program is also structured to teach learners knowledge and skills effectively needed to be registered nurses. The program promotes nursing skills of caring for patients by engaging them in practical and thus, enhancing their ability to handle the role of BSN nurses after their graduation. The program has clearly provided learners with the most suitable and expected knowledge to become competent nurses. Moreover, the university has engaged competent and well experienced lecturers or nursing trainers, who give students the enthusiasm they need to perform in their studies. The program has exposed learners into a number of relevant assignments, research work, case studies, and actual situations to enable them apply their theoretical knowledge in real situations. The program has also observed all the standards set to enhance knowledge in nursing. This includes ethical requirements to be fulfilled in nursing among other things (AACN, 2015).



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