Leadership and Ethics in Immigration Related Issues

Immigration is referred to as people movement from their native country to another country with intention of settling in the foreign country either temporarily or permanently. People can migrate from their home country to another for a number of reasons that include seeking asylum, looking for jobs, and for business among other reason.  They can thus get into another country as illegal or legal immigrants. In the regard, the migration ethics are complex. There are a number of perspectives regarding why people migrate, how they migrate, the effect migration has on sending, transit and receiving counties, and if nations should limit, discourage, or encourage migration (Parker, 2014). This paper focuses on leadership and ethics in immigration related issues.

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Two Immigration Management Ethical Concerns

Ethical issues in immigration arise mostly while dealing with asylum seekers. America has rules regarding immigration and only legal immigration is encouraged. However, it may be hard for asylum seekers to have all the required documents and qualification to obtain the legal migration documents. Basically, such individuals can only be accepted in the country out of humanity. It would basically be regarded as unethical to refuse such immigrants on the basis of legality since they are forced out of their countries by circumstances. Ethical aspects of immigration are also focused on the aspect of equal employments right of the immigrants and the American country. Basically, the country provides asylum seekers with basic needs which include basic education; however, they do not have right to employment as the country citizens. The ethical issues surrounding immigration management is why they should be given the right to study in America but be denied the right to work in the country to improve their life. This is unethical. Moreover, immigrants are basically denied equal employment rights as compared to American citizens with equal qualification.  They are normally paid less or offered lower position just because they are not American citizens and they are not protected by the law. This is quite unethical since, it appears like the country has two different labor laws, one for its citizens and the other for immigrants especially in matter regarding their payment (Parker, 2014).

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Organization Structure Impact on Organization Ethics

Organization policy and culture plays a major role in determining the ethical stand of the organization. The rules that govern an organization highly determine the kind of behavior to be adopted by the workers in an organization. In addition, the form of leadership can highly influence the level of ethics in an organization.  The agency such as the immigration agency which has hierarchical organization structure has most of its operations completed in departments without involving the high management in case there is no any complication. However, the management has the power to command the department to operate as they demand. In this regard, corruption at the top management can result to bypassing of laws to have their ways. Corruption can also take place at the department level since most decisions are made there. Either way, some immigrants who are not worthy and who might be a threat to the country may have their way despite of not being fully qualified due to high level of corruption (Aguila, 2011).

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Some of challenges one can experience in such organizations (immigration public offices) is working ethically without being influenced by seniors to be involved in illegal acts. Normally, senior person of the organization have an influence on junior’s work and juniors are bound to subordinate. Thus, not obeying may demonstrate an aspect of insubordination and this subordination may push one to be involved in unethical practices. Sometimes it is hard to report such incidents since the seniors mostly do not leave any trail. Other challenges include effective communication, in and out of an organization especially when one is dealing with individuals from different cultural ground and thus different English language proficiency.

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Self-Evaluation on Managerial Skills Level

Manager competencies based on the OPM study includes being sensitive to national concerns and agency policies, and organization representation and acting as a link to those that not part of the organization. Others include determining the goals of an organization and the procedures to accomplish them, allocating and obtaining essential resources to attain the purposes of an agency, using human resources effectively, and redirecting, evaluating, and monitoring the organization work. To accomplish this, a manager must have a number of skills which include technical competence, interpersonal sensitivity, and communication skills (Denhardt et al., 2013).

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Based on personal evaluation, I have completely attained two of the three skills that I need to be a competent manager. These are the communication skills and technical competence. I have a good command in English language and I can comfortably use simple and complex English language perfectly. The good English command can be demonstrated in written and spoken language. I can comfortably use written English and employ all required writing rules which include structuring my language based on the targeted audience. I can also give good public speeches or briefing based on the occasion. I can also say that I have the technical competency since I have pursued the relevant course to acquire the required knowledge to work as a manager in any firm. Thus I have the skills and the knowledge required, though the level of experience is slightly low. Although I have enough knowledge on public relation, I know I do have low ability to control my emotions, especially irritation and anger in annoying situations. Thus, I do not consider myself to have good interpersonal sensitivity ability.  To improve the interpersonal sensitivity skill and technical competency, I will consider getting an attachment in different organizations as manager assistance so as able to be exposed in corporate world. This will allow me to understand possible challenges and to apply knowledge into the real world. I will also consider being a leader in different team work including in social groups so as I may learn personal skills especially emotional control (Ciulla, 2003).

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Formulated Response

To overcome the previously stated challenges, the organization should develop a whistleblower to enable reporting of unethical incidents pushed to subordinates by their seniors when they are already taking place. This will assist in the elimination of unethical activities in an organization. This will help in improving the technical competency in the organization. Communication issue can be enhanced by encouraging the workers to study more languages to ensure that beside English, they can understand and communicate with other foreigners, especially asylum seekers, who do not have much time to work on the English language before traveling to America. This will improve both the communication skills and the interpersonal competency. The two main obstacles include the need for the management involvement in the development of whistleblower and the lack of enough time and passion to study other languages especially due to the fact that they are so many to be exhausted. To overcome such obstacles, the organization should consider acquiring open communication and ethical values as one of the organization policy. With this, it is easier to introducing a reporting mechanism for unethical matters. To enhance communication, the organization can consider hiring linguistics or individuals with extensive language and cultural knowledge in help desks positions of all their offices were immigrants have to directly interact with an officer to ensure effective communication. Translating software should also be adopted for written work (Ciulla, 2003).

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