Developing Employees for Current Job Versus for Future Job

Discuss the differences in developing employees for their current job versus for a future job and include an explanation of how the needs analysis differs.

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Developing employees for their current job in comparison to developing them for future job postings bear striking differences owing to intrinsic distinctions within both processes.  The process of developing employees for their current job is a relatively simple undertaking since a majority of the crucial details pertaining to the occupation are already known to all parties.

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Thus, employees have an easier time acclimatizing to their environment and are capable of coping with changes introduced to the prevailing modus operandi. Furthermore, training is conducted based on individual job descriptions and requirements to make certain that they fit within the overall organizational framework. Needs analysis also differs here since training focuses solely on bolstering maximum output by applying a job-specific approach. Conversely, developing employees for a future job is a complex process that follows an intricate training pattern to prepare individuals for their role in aiding an organization to realize its objectives.

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During this particular process, trainers have to take into account the fact that job requirements rarely remain static and are likely to change in the near future. This reality ensures employees are equipped with appropriate skills to aid them in chartering a new course within this type of workplace environment through a slow and methodical process. In this particular case, a tri-level need analysis approach is applied; providing employees with a unique opportunity to express their opinions regarding obligatory skills through questionnaires which are later evaluated by panels organized by senior management.

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