Evaluation Criterion – Grant Proposal Components

Evaluation of the Program

A grant proposal must provide for an evaluation criterion. This criterion should explain clearly how the outcomes of the proposed project will be assessed to ascertain whether the project’s objectives are being achieved as projected in proposal (Jim, 2011). This is a very important section for the funders because it helps them to determine the viability of a project and whether it is worth investing in a project. It is important to note that there is a risk incurred in funding an investment project that does not guarantee commensurate returns. The evaluation section of a grant proposal therefore helps the funders to strike the balance between risk and return and based on that come up with a decision on whether to fund of not. This section should present a plan for assessing achievements, how the assessment will be conducted, who will carry out the assessment, the methods of data collection, process of data analysis, and the general evaluation as to whether any reports will be presented  or not. In essence, this section convinces the funders to invest in a project by providing a master plan of achieving objectives and a countercheck system to ensure those objectives are accomplished.

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