Statement of Need -Grant Proposal Components

Statement of need

A statement of need is an explanation that defines a problem that needs to be addressed. It is important in writing a grant proposal because it justifies the need for a grant. Therefore information should be based on objective research rather than subjective research. A statement of need describes explicitly the target population to be served including the geographical area from which the problem arises. It must therefore have relevant statistics to support the proposal. Applicant agencies applying for grants must be able to meet their purpose of existence and this must relate to their goals in respect to addressing the problem in question. The statement of need is written with reasonable intent, that is, the problem in question must not be overwhelming. If need be, it is important to support a statement of need with relevant approvals and statements from authorities. Additionally, a well written statement of need should be free of jargon, assumptions and should be brief and easy to understand. This part of a grant proposal is important in informing funding agencies on the need for a grant by proving the rationale for which funding is required.

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