Feminine Representation in Sandra Cisneros’s “Woman Hollering Creek” and Ana Castio’s “So Far From God”

How Is The Feminine Represented in Sandra Cisneros’s “Woman Hollering Creek” and Ana Castio’s “So Far From God”

Essay, English
How Is The Feminine Represented in Sandra Cisneros’s “Woman Hollering Creek” and Ana Castio’s “So Far From God”?
Project description
My Outline

1. Introduction: The major concern of the essay examines how females are represented in the Chicana literature.
2. Case Study
2.1 Woman Hollering Creek
a. Background Introduction
b. Historical Background: Gives account of the origin of Mexico and the border issue between the U.S. In addition, the section refers to the inhabitants, especially women, of how they define themselves in the borderlands.
c. “One Holy Night”: The vignettes is in the context of a foolish girl’s first love experience. She is a helpless and powerless figure in the story. Her grandmother, who sends the protagonist away and cuts off her education, is an executive of the male dominant society.
d. “Woman Hollering Creek”: The protagonist is a victim of domestic abuse. She is dependent and passive. Felice, the woman who saved the protagonist in the story, is an independent, confident and empowered woman. The protagonist represents the Chicana/Mexican woman who conforms to traditional roles, while Felice is the kind of woman who rejects a limitations set by male dominant society. Moreover, Felice gives a new meaning to La Llorona and teaches the protagonist a new way to be a woman.
e. “Never Marry A Mexican”: The story draws on the implication of the historical La Malinche, but the protagonist transforms La Malinche’s story into a triumph of unbalanced relationships and an encouragement for woman who doesn’t have a husband.
2.2 So Far From God
?Still working on the it, but the section will pretty much have the same outline as Woman Hollering Creek, chiefly focusing on how women are presented in the stories, and make comparisons between female characters.
3. Conclusion
Chicana females are described as vulnerable, powerless, and weak in the Chicana literature. The Chicana feminine has to endure inequality on gender roles. However, in some of the short stories in the essay, it is noted that find these female characters would act against the dominance of tradition, first to protect themselves, but ultimately to define themselves.
Letter from my professor
Yes, it’s a perfectly acceptable outline and plan. You need to ensure your essay is analytic, not descriptive, and engages with the secondary literature. I want to read your idea of what is happening, developed in the light of both primary and secondary material. Are Cisneros and Castillo doing what the critics say, or is there something else you can perceive? What is your thesis – i.e. what will be the argument you seek to defend in the essay? Make sure this is both clear and sophisticated. What is it about the Southwest as a region that gives rise to peculiar manifestations of oppression and resistance? Don’t forget, this is a module about regions. Is it necessary to identify a particular kind of ‘Southwestern’ masculinity, therefore, in the light of these remarks? How important is the border and the idea of borders as a metaphor?

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