Four Facets of the Hospitality Industry – Annotated Bibliography

Singh, I. (2019). A review paper on hotel industry – a study of trend in hospitality industry and the types of hotels. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET), 6(3), 7189-7193.

This article discusses hotels as an element of the hospitality industry. This article focuses on a wide range of factors influencing hotels in the current world and also the hotel contribution to the hospitality industry in general. The author conducts a review to demonstrate the significance of the hotel in the hospitality industry. Singh also discusses different forms of hotels and their unique features. The article also shows the relationship between customer relationship management and the hospitality industry and demonstrates the role of technology and employment opportunities in the hospitality industry. It also reviews the recent trend in the hotel industry. He also discusses different aspects that influence the hotel’s aspect of hospitality and how an organization can use them to improve its general performance. The article aims at creating advanced knowledge about the hotel industry and how it is being impacted by different factors. This is to keep the reader on the lookout for things he or she must consider while managing hotels to ensure the adoption of effective hotel administration and management practices.

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Majid, M. A. A., Samsudin, A., Noorkhizan, M. H. I., Zaki, M. I. M., & Bakar, A. M. F. A. (2018). Service quality, food quality, image and customer loyalty: an empirical study at a hotel restaurant. International Journal of Academic Research in Business & Social Sciences, 8(10), 1433-1446.

This article focuses on determining the relationship of food quality, image, and service quality on customer loyalty at restaurants in Terengganu, Malaysia. The article employs a cross-sectional, quantitative research approach using a questionnaire to measure the above elements on the selected sample. This paper aims at establishing how improving service quality, product quality, and image can influence customer loyalty towards a specific restaurant. The article discusses the importance of product quality, brand image, and service quality in restaurants and the foodservice facet of the hospitality industry. The research determined that service quality is the greatest unique contributor to success in the foodservice or restaurant industry. It also established that enhancing service quality, image, and food quality does not only enhance customer loyalty but also assists in enhancing restaurant sustainability and reputation. Other than this, the article provides background information about the restaurants and food services facet of the industry. This helps in creating a deeper understanding of this facet of the hospitality industry, making it easier to differentiate it from others. 

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Kose, H., Argan, M. T., & Argan, M. (2011). Special event management and event marketing: a case study of TKBL all star 2011 in Turkey. Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 1-12.

This article focuses on demonstrating the dimensions used while marketing and managing a successful distinct sports event. It makes different contributions for sporting marketing managers and sport event managers on how to effectively employ event management dimensions and mold strategies based on this view. Kose et al. use a case study to analyze sport event founded event marketing and event management perspective. The article uses both primary and secondary methods of data collection to support its input on event planning and its related activities and elements. The article targets different event management dimensions that include risk management, ticketing, public relations, transportation, marketing, human resources, and budgeting. Besides this, the article provides background information on event planning, giving a detailed definition of event planning, and different types of events that a professional may be required to manage or plan. It also provides a detailed description of the above-identified elements of event planning. Kose et al. aim at enhancing the reader’s understanding of how to successfully market and manage events and to satisfy event participants fully.

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Camilleri, M. A. (2018). The Tourism Industry: An Overview. In Travel marketing, tourism economics and the airline product (Chapter 1, pp. 3-27). Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature.

This article focuses on discussing the concept of tourism and providing deep knowledge in the tourism industry.  The author gives extensive knowledge about the tourism industry, its products, and the differences among them. It enlightens the reader on tourism rationale and clarifies the tourists’ intrinsic motivations to travel. The article also explains various aspects that are integrated to create a tourism industry. The article aims to demonstrate the relationship between tourism and other facets of the hospitality industry. According to Camilleri, tourism is connected to the other three facets of the hospitality industry in that, tourists require accommodation, and food services if they are traveling to a new destination for hours, days, or weeks. They also need event organizers if they have to complete all their activities on time and in a situation where they wished to do something different or new. The article provides in-depth knowledge on how the element of the hospitality industry are interrelated and the importance of effective coordination among all elements for the success of the industry. The author also tried to demonstrate the importance of tourism in connecting all other three elements of hospitality.

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