Functionalist View And Conflict Theory’s View Of Social Stratification

Social stratification refers to categorization of people according to socio and economicstrata, normally it is  based on their occupation and income. Inmodern society,stratification exist in two classes that is the upperclass, middleclass and the lower class, the functionalist view of stratification identifies the role they play in maintaining social order in the society, Determining the structures of social stratification arise because of the existing inequalities of status among the members of the society, for instance the greater the social complexity of the society, the more social strata exist.

Social stratification enables exclusive upper class individuals who receive elite education and typically have the essential background which further translates to ascending them   to power of politics, for example, to military and corporate companies. The unfortunate individuals become the ruled hence resulting to a balance of equilibrium in leadership,on this basis, functionalist believe that  the owners of production or firms  and other professional  in both the private  and public sectors are well rewarded  financially because their  work is important and contributes to stability of the society

According to Oswald(1946),Structuralfunctionalist believe that societies tend to be stable and mostly held together through mutual agreement, this provide a platform   for the society to function thus  lessening the conflict. Sociologist believe that stratification result to  cohesive functioning,for instance ,some jobs are more important than the others  like the job of a brain surgeon and ajob of shoe-shining.

Moreover the views implies that people move up  form economic basedladder, in general  because of lack of equal opportunity, the existence of public and private school all aim at imparting knowledge to children portrays the existing difference.

On the other hand, stratification system attempts to avert conflict over the distribution of goodand services in the society. A ruling class derives its power from its ownership and hence control all the forces of production, here the capitalist exploits the subject hence resulting to unfairly competition (George, 1955). In this case ,the rich have the power to  perpetrate an unfair system  that works to their advantage, losers  on the  other side and who are at the bottom  of social stratification have little opportunity  to  improve  their situation  since  those at the top tend to have more  political and economic power, however , this encourages people who want to succeed  to proceed with their hard work.

Conflict approach believes that socialstratification benefits the rich at the expense of the poor suffering. In other words, it creates a system for winners and losers, in this aspect, thewealthy families pay low wages to the gardeners which end up not progressing, this game end up creating and perpetuating stratificationsystem. United states have rolled out the programs of empowerment to its citizens as platform of ensuring that the existinggap between the classes is reduced.(McArthur, 1955).

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