Google As A Learning Organization And How It Learns – Discussion

Google as learning organization has put in place various mechanisms that have increased its chances of success in technology and survival in the business environment. Google has mostly opted to take the brightest minds and encourage them to come up with innovations.  It gives employs 20% of their time so that they can independently focus on innovative, creative projects that eventually become products of Google on the market. All employees are encouraged to come up with innovative products and some of them usually faille while other succeed. Some of the innovative products by employees include Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Finance to name a few.  Therefore, Google is a learning organization because it encourages innovations, independence, creativity and knowledge sharing to name a few among its workforce while further improving on customer relations (Marquardt, 2011). As such, it encourages its employees to continue learning new methods that will enable it to provide products in the market that are both competitive and relevant to various needs of customers. Furthermore, Google has been able to develop considerably the smartphone market especially the Android platform that is continuously growing and taking a large part of the smartphone market.

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