Guns in Public Hands Research Paper


There are many guns in public hands that need a lot of regulation and the use of technology to ensure that they are used safely to prevent any untoward incidences from happening.  Most guns in the public hands pose a great threat to the security of a locality, city or state in any part of the continent (Heber & Darnall, 2013). As such, security in the nation should be taken as a priority. Many things that may drive them to commit various crimes usually affect people. Therefore, security should be maintained at all costs to ensure that people are safeguarded from those who can potentially harm them and from harming themselves.


Guns in the hands of the civilians may pose a great danger to the safety and wellbeing of the local population at large. People with the wrong intentions may obtain licenses to have guns and eventually use them to meet their ends.


Politicians and civilians alike have long contended the issue of arms in the hands of the public without any proper solution coming forth. A solution will be to ensure that every person who registers for a gun has a clear record, and he should be investigated first and passed through various examinations before they are given the go ahead to have a gun. Guns are usually used in protection and self-defense especially when thieves break into the house, or someone is attacked on the way and the only means of protection is the gun.

The government is largely in charge of the security of the nation and should train the various security agencies and involve them in handing guns to the public ((Volokh, 2009). The solution regarding examining the records and the internet to have a gun will be accompanied by the use of technology whereby the guns handed to the public will be traced through a wireless system. The wireless system will ensure the collection of data on the use of the gun. In looking to this, all guns should be checked within the week with the people coming to have their guns checked and if they queried on the use of the data available. The weekly interrogation will check the state of mind of the owners especially their psychological state and further advise them on the best use of the guns (Lewis, 2011). The guns may fall into wrong hands, and this will be detected since the gun will have a wireless networking application and will mostly show the location of the gun to detect any changes especially changes in the desired location.

Working solution

The working solution is using technology together with the police workforce on the ground and will ensure that the people are investigated as shown above to ensure that the guns do not change hands. The various investigations per two weeks will enable the security agencies to note on any suspicious activities and note down on the various uses of the guns by those who own them.  The research will be carried out extensively in finding out data on people who own guns. The people in the study will be investigated to determine their normal usage of the guns and whether they are licensed or not. Such data will be collected and compared with the data sampled from other studies especially the government.

The number of guns in public hands will be instrumental in researching the ways to deal with the guns in the public hands and the determination of whether the people are well suited to using guns (Kleck, 2005). The effectiveness of the use of guns will be measured among different ages since all the participants will be required to state and explain how the guns have helped those giving instances. Such data will show how effectively guns have been in the public hands and compare the positives and negatives of guns being in public hands.

Secondary data from the research like the recent shootings in the universities by students poses a great challenge in controlling guns in such academic environments. Various factors will be examined, and the data quantified to sample the population and come up with important conclusions on the matter of alleviating gun violence among the public. Crime statistics especially those done by licensed users of guns will be noted and further data analyzed to determine the percentage of people using licensed guns. The statistics will help greatly in ensuring that the data found is compared with that of study.

Therefore, the solution to the facilitation of guns in public hands should come in handy especially to the security forces throughout the country. The government has tried to control the use of guns by the public but has not succeeded in cases such as shootings in schools have become rampant (Teeple et al., 2012). Such cases require that the government put in place various strategies that will help in ensuring the safety of the population.

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