Healthcare Innovation – The Google Glass

Innovation is now one of those drone words that means several things to various individuals such as advance in technology, discovery, or inventiveness. Regardless of its definition, steady and constant innovation has developed the medicine world to new and greater heights, and thus we are the recipients of the ever- advancing health care system (Hwang, 2010). However, most of these advancements and improvements in healthcare systems have been liable for aggravating the high rising costs. As a consequence, there is the existence of venerable oppositions and inconsistency in our stance toward healthcare. Conversely, advanced technologies are gripped as sustenance to better medical care, however, belittled or denigrated as a determined route to self-crumble.  Therefore, the above absurdity needs people to understand that innovation is not just advanced technologies but the implementations of the chosen technologies (Banova, 2013).  Nonetheless, the expertise and technical can be easy and straightforward but the permanent changes in many industries.

 Select and describe a medical innovation that exists today in the medical industry.

The Google Glass

The wearable technology is in its formative stage, although it has begun to have extensive influence in many career fields and industries. It is known that Dr Rafael Grossmann, the first surgeon to use the wearable technology, and to be precise the Google Glass. The innovation of the Google Glass is continually advancing and improving the health care systems, and both the practitioners and the patients are significantly benefiting from the wearable technology.  Additionally, the Google Glass has the capability to improve how patients and practitioners interrelate and interact with one another, which is increasing patient’s satisfaction, producing competent doctors, and efficient communication between the involved parties.

Further, the wearable technology has created telemedicine opportunities, which permits medical practitioners to offer medical care in concrete and particular capabilities. Nonetheless, the technology is now implemented by professionals providing clinical counsel through email or phone, for instance, the wearable technology is now greatly used in the United States (Plesk, 2003).  Consequently, the innovation of Google Glass is paramount, as it has now reduced deaths caused by emergencies and traumas. Since the capability of the patients and doctors to communicate using the wearable technology is significantly saving lives.

Explain how the innovation will benefit patients or the health care industry.  For example, explain if the innovation will improve the quality of life.

The change of the Google Glass is significantly enhancing the quality of life as it both merges human expertise, and technology. The surgeons now have the ability to perform an operation, when observing the vital signs of the patients simultaneously. Also, the nurses and medical assistants have the capability to obtain the patient’s information through their glass screen at their bedside.

Consequently, the doctors are ecstatic about the great prospective of the Google Glass in the healthcare system (Katz, 2013). Further, medical students are significantly benefiting from the wearable technology as they now prepared with expertise that allows them to combine human intelligence and artificial strengths. Therefore, the medical students will be equipped scientific insight, which is needful to run the health systems in the future.

Explain if you believe the medical innovation will increase or decrease health care spending

While, the general effects and impacts of health care innovation are advantageous, from a societal standpoint, some innovation is profligate, and decadent. Most developers spend a lot of resources on expanding, protecting their markets, or making adjustments to their current and existing product lines so as to differentiate their products from the rest. Consequently, health care innovation will increase the health care spending. Since the developers of the innovations are striving and seeking profits, and only attracted to fields, innovates, and industries which they believe that they can make profits, and the medical field is one of the profitable avenues the developers are eyeing (Katz, 2013). Conversely, the government should implement policies to govern and reduce the health costs, and also safeguard innovation in the healthcare systems.

Explain why this innovation will or will not be a trend in the future.

The health care innovation will still continue to be a trend in the future. The innovation has benefited many patients and brought improved and progressive changes to the health systems. However the medical practitioners and healthcare workers need to be concerned and enhanced in research, patient care, and training. The advancement of technology and innovation in health systems have resulted in prolonged years of terminal illness and increased the survival rates of patients with genetic disorders (Katz, 2013). Consequently, the advanced technology and innovation have placed more power in the hands of the patients, and the greatest challenge for the researcher is to learn how to fight and combat disorders through connecting and harnessing the body’s capability to grow and heal. However, the advanced healthcare innovations have brought some challenges such as high health costs.

In conclusion, innovation in health systems is very significant as it has allowed interaction between doctors and patients. Also, it has helped to increase the survival rates for patients with terminal illnesses and genetic disorders. Therefore, innovation has significantly contributed to advancing the medicine world.

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