War: Ethical Theories and Concepts – A Letter To The President

Dear Mr. President,

The current war in the country is completely unethical because it is causing death of innocent citizens and making many people homeless. Furthermore, the move by state to torture terror suspects as a response towards terrorism attacks is a total violation of human rights. The impacts of war and the effects of torture are felt by both innocent and guilty individual alike (Brandt, 1992). Acts of war and terrorism are considered moral is they are combined with the principle of distributive justice because in that case, only guilty individuals are targeted. During war, innocent citizens suffer large-scale violation of human rights. The current war and the manner in which the state responds to terrorism are therefore considered unethical on grounds that they subject innocent citizens to continued suffering. Consequentialism ethical theory assumes that acts of terrorism and war are justified only when they are the only means that can be used to solve a given political problem (Bauhn, 1989). Considering the current political situation, it is clear that other means can be implemented to help solve the current problem other that war and torture. The father of deontological, Immanuel Kant, reasons that a person cannot use emotion in ethical reasoning (Nathanson, 2010). By taking Kant’s views into consideration, the government should not explain its involvement in the war and in torture activities as the best ways of expressing its anger towards the enemy. One of the alternative ways through which the current problem can be solved is through dialogue. The president should arrange for a dialogue with the nations that are involved in the war in order to understand what other governments feel about the current war. Furthermore, it is important to conduct thorough investigations to ensure that terror suspects are apprehended.

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