HIM 370 Course – All Discussions With Sample Answers

HIM 370 Week 1 Discussions

Privacy and Security Officer

  • Compare and contrast the difference between the Privacy, Security, and Compliance Officer.


  • What was the intent behind HIPAA?

HIM 370 Week 2 Discussions

Notice of Privacy Practices

  • What patient rights are identified in a Notice of Privacy Practices? Which right under HIPAA do you consider the most important?

HIPAA Privacy Rule

  • Our tutorial this week discusses PHI, PII, and DII. What are the differences between the three, and when might you use them?

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HIM 370 Week 3 Discussions

Policies and Procedures

  • What are policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines? When might you use policies, procedures, standards, or guidelines?


  • Within the organization, who should be responsible for enforcing policies? Should this be an individual or a team?

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HIM 370 Week 4 Discussions

Risk Assessment and Analysis

  • Define a risk assessment and a risk analysis. What are the benefits of both to the organization?

Organizational Threats

  • Of the three organizational threats, natural, human, and environmental, what is the most common threat, and why?

HIM 370Week 5 Discussion

Securing Information

  • What critical elements should be included on a checklist for securing information? How might you ensure that the organization is in compliance with the checklist?


How frequently should a compliance audit of a healthcare organization be completed? Who should conduct the audits?

HIM 370 Week 6 Discussions

Security & Privacy Complaints & Incidents

  • What is the difference between a breech, a complaint, and an incident? Provide an example for each.

Contingency Planning

  • What is the difference between a disaster recovery plan and a contingency plan? When might you use a disaster recovery plan versus a contingency plan?

HIM 370 Week 7 Discussions

Learning Styles

  • What are the different learning types, and how might they impact the types of privacy and security training that an organization provides?

Educating, Training, & Creating Awareness

  • Compare and contrast the differences between two of the following: training, education, and awareness. In your opinion, which is more effective and why?
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