Hixson, Walter, – Red Storm Rising – Article Review

The article “’Red Storm Rising’: Tom Clancy Novels and the Cult of National Security” focuses on demonstrating how artists have used their work to demonstrate the American war culture and the tactics employed to win cold war between the western nations and the communist nation. The main war challenge was the threat of using nuclear weapons, a topic that attracted most readers into purchasing the fiction work. The article specifically focuses on the work of Clancy who wrote a number of novels regarding the cold war between the American government and communist nation and the threat for nuclear war employment which threatened the evolution of world war III between western nations lead by the Americans and communist nations led by Korea assisted by China and slightly by the Soviet nation. The author achieves this by analyzing three Clancy Novels that include Red Storm Rising, The Hunt for Red October and the Cardinal of the Kremlin.

The author uses a number of illustrations to demonstrate the power Clancy fictional work had on the influencing American war culture and passing the message regarding the country’s national security. The author demonstrate this using the Clancy description of cold war and the advancements the two fighting groups were employing to win in this war. He also uses the rivalry between the American and Soviet Union which was propagated during the Second World War, giving the reason for the communist nation to apply most threatening war weapons. Beside Clancy work, Hixson has also used other artists work to demonstrate how the American war culture has been spread through fictional work. Other mentioned novelists work that include One Lonely Night where an American Hammer is depicted killing so many people in one night, a book that was published when Korean communist were fighting with American Soldiers. Other books that demonstrated American war culture and defense of their national security included The Big Kill, Vengeance Is Mine, and My Gun is Quick, among others.

The main strength of this article is that the author has employed a number of illustrations to support his argument. This includes quoting or mention of certain sections of the Clancy work as well as other fictional work that was published during the cold war. He also relates most of the novelists’ work he uses to illustrate his argument with actual events that were taking place in the world. In his work Hixson demonstrate how active American novelists were to prophecy victory and the faith they had on the American military power over their enemies during that time. Americans were not tensed but they anticipated great history. This was also demonstrated by fictional work regarding the American administration plans and tactics they employed handle the situation. They eventually managed to conquer the communist based on Clancy the Hunt for Red October work.

The main weakness of this article is that it is a bit confusing at the beginning and anyone without background information regarding Clancy work and what it represents may not easily understand the author’s message. The reader also need to have read an extensive work of 1950 fictional publications to be able to clearly understand Hixson’s argument and to critic it in depth. Without this information, this article may appear very complex for a leader to comprehend the author’s intention.

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