How could the company benefit from e-commerce

MMIS 654 – Winter 2014
E-Commerce Term Project
For this assignment, assume that you are a consultant that has been hired to develop an ecommerce
strategy for a new client that believes they could benefit from e-commerce. (As such,
we make the assumption that they do not currently have an e-commerce strategy). You have the
option of selecting the industry that the clients’ company operates in. Also make the assumption
that this is a small to medium sized company which currently has a thriving business.

You are required to prepare a plan in the form of a report for management (minimum 8 pages of
double spaced content) that provides a brief overview of this company (including revenue
levels), the products that it sells, and then covers the e-commerce strategy. This document should
include all pertinent areas of a typical e-commerce strategy, including but not limited to the
following questions:
1. How could the company benefit from e-commerce? Should it sell its products (all or
some) over the web? Should it use its web site primarily to advertise its products and
services? Should it use the web for customer service? Also, will it be a B2B, B2C, C2C,
etc., e-commerce model. Include general specifications describing the functions that
should be performed by the new web site

2. How would a web site provide value to the company’s customers?
3. Research the cost of an e-commerce site for a small- to medium-sized company. How
much revenue or cost savings would the Web site have to produce to make it a
worthwhile investment for the company?
4. Discuss the main security threats that could pose a risk to the operation of the new ecommerce
site and briefly describe specific countermeasures that could be put in place to
protect against these threats.
5. As part of this plan explain how you would measure the results of the various activities
6. How would you gather information about buyers on the site that might assist in future
marketing activities
7. Include any other technical information that you consider important
Once completed, save the document in a MS Word document in the following way
“LastName_PROJECT” and upload to the drop box in Blackboard. Additionally, the assignment
 Include a title page containing: Assignment Name/Topic, Class Name and Number,
Professor’s name, Student Name, Due date.
 APA reference as/if required
 Certificate of Authorship (Individual or group)
Note: You may work on this project individually or in groups of no more than two students. If
working in a group, please provide the name of the members of the group to the professor by email.

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