How Nursing Research is affected by Informatics

Informatics revolves around the processing and management of patient health information and nursing knowledge, information and data towards improved nursing care delivery. This reflects the central premise of informatics where it is understood that one entry of a piece of data can be used for many purposes since when data is turned into information it becomes knowledge ultimately. As with any research, nursing research included, the availability and accessibility of data is crucial for learning purposes, making appropriate information technology a necessity in nursing research. This is because once the data is organized into information and knowledge it can then be disseminated into the nursing practice with aim of supporting safe patient-centered care(Bloomrosen & Detmer, 2010). Informatics empower nursing researchers to see patterns, identify areas that need extra focus and to come up with possible solutions to problems and challenges experienced in advancing the nursing profession and ultimately the quality of health care(Darvish, Bahramnezhad, Keyhanian, & Navidhamidi, 2014).

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