Life Coaching Definition

Life coaching is a relatively new personal development concept in psychology; it is, therefore, imperative to first define life coaching before motivational coaching. Neenan and Dryden, (2013) noted the challenges in defining life coaching but illustrates that coaching is providing a benchmark, a shared stake in the ground and templates to which to conform to. George, (2013) provided a broad coaching definition opining that it is goal oriented, focused on getting a solution by the coach working with the client in identifying and establishing a possible solution, outline a variety of options and goals before facilitating the establishment and implementation of the right action plans towards achieving the desired goal. Coaching is a joint partnership between the client and the coach that is very thought provoking. It, in turn, motivates the client to utilize their individual and professional potentials in overcoming a life obstacle. Consequently, the main coaching tenet is focusing on a collaborative engagement that aims at developing the right solutions for the client as well as bringing them closer to their goal achievement.

Positive psychology offers the structural foundation for coaching and building block for motivational coaching. Positive psychology emphasizes on the functional contrary to dysfunctional behaviors thus promoting capacity and resourcefulness for change with further attention on strengths, happiness, and optimism. The life coach’s role in positive psychology is leading the client to utilize their existing strengths and capacity to exploit fully what thrills, energizes and pushes them forward to achieve goals and towards their optimal functioning ultimately (George, 2013).

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