How Planning And Monitoring Helps Organisations, Managers And Individual Job-Holders To Achieve Results

Planning is an important process in strategic planning and helps to focus the efforts of the company in clearly defining outcomes and objectives of the strategic plan. Planning is vital in an organization’s progress since it helps in ensuring that the workforce in an organization understands the goals of the company and what should be done to ensure the company achieves its objectives, especially when involving ever employee in the planning of activities. Also, planning further ensures that the workforce operates in a concise direction and not carrying out activities in a loose way.

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Planning further helps the organizations discover beforehand how to meet their goals and the hindrances in the way of achieving their goals. Accountability is further enhanced, and the management together with the workforce carry out their tasks as required. Furthermore, planning helps the organization and its employees to marshal their resources in the best way to ensure that they achieve maximum results. Equipment, information, finance and people are thus used effectively to meet the organisation’s objectives. It further creates an environment where monitoring can be done to assess the progress of the organization periodically and further help in achieving the desired results.

Monitoring is very important in ensuring that the company follows through its strategic plan and thus does not deviate from the set goals of the organization. Monitoring has the advantage of directing a company towards achieving its results while at the same time looking at what the progress through the necessary information that is collected to help the company monitor its progress. Monitoring thus gives timely assessments at different intervals on how the company is progressing and whether it is achieving its goals. Teams are thus monitored and changes made wherever necessary to ensure that they are moving in the direction of the strategic plan. Monitoring further follows through the different tasks in the company by using performance measures to ensure employees are working as required. The planning and monitoring process thus helps the company organize its activities while at the same time monitoring the tasks to ensure that they are completed in the desired period and to change any deviations that may occur along the way. Monitoring is therefore quite important in ensuring that the company’s progress is assessed periodically and appropriate guidance and action were taken to ensure that the workforce is moving towards meeting the goals of the company.

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Managers thus need to understand strategic plans and operational plans, which affect the various activities in their workstations. Since they manage, different employee’s managers should have a greater understanding of the plans to ensure that they effectively communicate the contents to their subordinates (Walston, 2014). Their subordinates will thus execute the different activities to ensure that they meet the specific objectives set in the strategic plan. Plans are quite important since they chart the way that the organization needs to follow to meet particular objectives.

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