How The Economy Works and The Idea of Limited Resources

Your supervisor has been asked many questions about how the economy works and why the idea of limited resources is such a major concern in today’s economy. As a result, she has asked you to prepare a PPT presentation on the topics. This presentation will be used in a training session for your peers.

Specifically, your supervisor has asked you to do the following:

  1. Create an 3-6 page report, that includes an explanation and/or examples of:
    1. A circular flow diagram that includes the government sector. For this part of your paper, you should include a description of the roles that each participant plays in the economy and how the different sectors interact in the markets.
    2. An illustration of the Production Possibilities model, including a summary of what the model is illustrating and the economic implications for the economy.
    3. An explanation of why or why not trade with other countries is beneficial to an economy and how international trade fits into the circular flow diagram.
    4. An explanation of the difference between micro and macro economics, indicating why the division is necessary

This must be wrote word for word and not copied and due tonight at 10:00 PM CST and must be in APA format and all references cited correctly etc

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