How Toxicant Absorption be Reduced after Exposure to the Skin And Orally Consumed Chemicals

Toxicant can get into the body through the skin when they spill on the skin or when one touch on those toxicant by mistake. When this happens, one should consider taking measures to reduce the absorption of the toxicant into the body.  To reduce the rate of absorption, the surrounding clothing shoes or gloves should be removed or torn off.  This should be followed by splashing the affected part of the skin with clean running water for a while, with cold shower being the most recommended splashing method.

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The time taken to do so should vary based on the type of toxicant involved, the amount spilled and its concentration. The recommended time include 5 minutes for mild irritants or non-irritants, 15-20 minutes for severe to moderate chemicals and irritants which initiate acute toxicity in case they are absorbed via the skin, 30 minutes for the highly corrosives and 60 minutes for strong alkalis such calcium, potassium and sodium hydroxide. The rate of absorption is also aggravated by the temperature and hence the victim should avoid heated places (Ccohs, 2018).

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In case the toxicant is ingested through the mouth, one should check on any remaining toxicant residue and be removed from the mouth. Vomiting should be induced to patients that are still conscious by providing them with liquids that can provoke vomiting. This will help in removing the toxicant in the intestinal and reduce their effect. Gastric lavage should then be done to induce diarrhea.

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For instance, active charcoal might be administered combined with laxatives via gastric tube. Active charcoal will assist in absorbing the toxicant from the gastric system and remove it in the body through diarrhea. Laxative will initiate urgent movement of the bowl facilitating quick elimination of the toxin in the gastric system.  Isotonic solution of sodium chloride can be used for children. The above intervention should be conducted within one hour after consumption of the toxicant; otherwise, its effect will be minimal since most of the toxicant will have been absorbed in the body (Larsen & Cummings, 1998).

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