Human Resource Management Annotated Bibliography

Beil-Hildebrand, M. B. (January 01, 2010). Re-Theorizing Human Resource Management and Human Resource Management in Context.

In this article, Beil-Hildebrand focusses on the strategic human resource management, human capital management, high-performance management, and high commitment management themes under the broad HR department. The article particularly emphasizes on academic and managerial claims that concern HRM, along with acknowledging the impact of past literature on HR from the healthcare sector perspective. The foci go to organizational changes and HR responsibilities, the HRM rhetoric, modern-day practices, and how people react to the disparities that occur with time. I will use this source to research on how organizations try to maximize their capabilities through HR practices and overall diversity in management to create organizational effectiveness.

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Buyens, D., & De, V. A. (July 01, 2001). Perceptions of the value of the HR function. Human Resource Management Journal, 11, 3, 70-89.

In the article, Buyens and De explore the value of the Human Resource function as viewed by three types of managers namely HR managers, top managers, and line managers. They review evidence from existing literature and additionally explore the degree of strategic involvement of the HR function along with the added value it brings to the organization. Their findings point out that the role and value of the HR function extend beyond the fulfillment of its responsibility as a strategic partner. I will use their work to research the overview of the HR management and its role in the organization.

Gableta, M., & Król-Jasińska, A. (January 01, 2014). Development of HR department tasks with respect to the implementation of the employees’ interests. Przegląd Organizacji, 2014, 42-47.

Gableta and Król-Jasińska’s article focuses on interests that constitute a multifaceted set of human wishes and objectives in a firm, proving itself through expectations that provide the actions with a specific direction. Particularly, the authors attempt to explore the role played by the HR department in regard to respecting the employees’ interests. They try to verify if it is indeed empirically accurate that a changing company generates a need for the study of the processes occurring in it from an angle that caters for the employee’s interests and their corresponding compliance to the employer. My essay will use this source to fetch empirically-proven data on subjects modelled on the employee-perspective.

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Jamrog, J. J., & Overholt, M. H. (January 01, 2004). Building a Strategic HR Function: Continuing the Evolution. Human Resource Planning, 27, 51-63.

In their article, Jamrog and Overholt attempt to trace every evidence of the evolution of the HR profession in a span of the last 100 years, and then examine the current role. Their research connects several components of the HR as well as how it influences them in various dimensions. The results of their investigation focus on the perfect model for measuring organizational effectiveness. However, the article contains substantial information and facts regarding the HR department. I will particularly use it as a source of reference to what constitutes organizational effectiveness, and the measurement tools that the HR department uses to build a strategic function.

John, S., & Björkman, I. (November 01, 2015). In the eyes of the beholder: the HRM capabilities of the HR function as perceived by managers and professionals. Human Resource Management Journal, 25, 4, 424-442.

The article investigates factors that influence the line manager’s perception of the capacity of the HR function by using 913 managers in the subsidiaries of 11 Nordic international corporations. They successfully test the extent to which attitudes of the unit’s general manager, characteristics of the HR, and features of the unit’s HRM system manager helps in explaining HRM capabilities. The authors find out that perceived practice visibility coupled with HRM inducements can be perceived as strong predictors of the perceptions of the HR function’s role. My essay will use the article to delve into the capabilities of HRM and to highlight its role in improving organizational performance.

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Rafat, M., Mahboobeh, S., & Amir, J. (2012). Analysis of the human resource management role in hospitals using Ulrich model. African Journal of Business Management, 6(50), 11943.

The authors of this article carry out a study to evaluate human resource’s role in various types of hospitals in Iran via the Ulrich model. The results of the research showed positive relationships between human resources and service qualities. By using this as a source, my essay will focus on the relevant data with regard to the positive impacts of strengthening HR management, planning, and training of workers. Notably, the authors come to a conclusive evidence suggesting that the human resource management is capable of enhancing service quality in hospitals. My essay will, in light of this, explore the capabilities of the organization and how they can be maximized through appropriate human resource practices.

Shammot, M. M. (2014). The role of human resources management practices represented by employee’s recruitment and training and motivation for therealization of competitive advantage. African Journal of Business Management8(1), 35.

In his article, Shammot presents evidence relating to the role the human resources department along with its management plays in realizing the competitiveness of industrial organizations. The article has, however, highlighted on issues related to the human resources management practices intraining, motivating, attracting, and selecting, employing, and evaluating employees,as well as matters pertaining to the setting of salaries, fees, and rewards. This article will serve as a source for extracting undisputable information regarding the role of the HR management in fulfilling employees’ expectations with an end goal of giving the organization a competitive advantage.

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Shephard, P. (January 01, 2005). The role of HRD and knowledge management: HR in the Epoch of the knowledge-based economy: towards continuous learning and building a learning organization.

The article concentrates attention on the role of Human Resource management in learning organizations. The author tries to show that the HRM plays a crucial role in transforming traditional firms to modern organizations that possess characteristics of a learning organization. He shows the importance of proper planning, performance management, and succession planning in forming a solid strategic management that caters for the future of the company. The article is helpful to my research in that it will guide me in laying out facts concerning the HR function in a continually-changing organization.

Truss, C. (2008). Continuity and change: the role of the HR function in the modern public sector. Public Administration86(4), 1071-1088.

This article tries to present empirical evidence relating to the evaluation of HR roles and if they have changed into a model more akin to that of the private sector by using six matched-pair organizations in UK’s public sector. Using the results, the author highlights the complex and contradictory nature of the functional roles of the HR department. My essay will use the article to draw facts on the strategic roles of the HR in general, as well as the trends on the same. I will also pay attention to how modern organizations are evolving towards cost-effectiveness and effective management through by the help of the HR department.

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Zehra Alakoç Burma, (2014). Human Resource Management and Its Importance for Today’s Organizations, International Journal of Education and Social Science, 2(1). Retrieved from

By placing emphasis on the subjects of management, Human Resources management, organizational effectiveness, and management functions, Zehra informs the reader about the relationship between the human resources management and organizational effectiveness. This serves as pertinent information for my essay in relation to the overall effectiveness of the HR manager’s function in the organization. I will also use the source to fetch facts on the general role of the HR department, management of strategic decisions, and the factors at play in the same context.

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