Iatrogenic Hymenal Case Study Write-Up

In the Iatrogenic Hymenal case study, the female subject seen by the medical practitioners, reports intermittent genital bleeding hence the need for prompt physical examination. Her female genitalia system consisted of a hymenal orifice which inadvertently revealed evidence of the bleeding as described. Moreover, there was also evidence of erythema and anal tears that were visible using a colposcope as an aid (“Iatrogenic Hymenal Injury: Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal,” n.d.). Nonetheless, it is integral to acknowledge that there was no evidence of any foreign body though a visual examination proved that there was evidence of a “scant white discharge”.  It is, however, vital to acknowledge that the attempts to perform a speculum examination may have impacted negatively on earlier attempts that sought to determine whether or not M.J was a victim of sexual abuse. Speculum use in an individual of such a tender age should therefore be avoided since there is a likelihood of it obscuring evidence of trauma.

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