Impact of Implementing Triple Aim Goals Nationally

MHA 515 Assignment Instructions

Write a paper that evaluates the impact of implementing Triple Aim goals nationally. Determine whether the three dimensions of Triple Aim would be achievable. Use a heading of your own words for each of the following.

  • Improving quality and satisfaction for the patient experience of care
  • Improving the health of populations
  • Reducing the per capita cost of health care

Triple Aim Goals – Sample Paper

The Triple Aim Goals by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) are targets intended to improve the state of healthcare in the United States. The three goals focus on increasing patient satisfaction, reducing the cost of healthcare, and improving the health of populations. Analyses of these goals show that they are attainable through the implementation of certain measures.

Improving the Patient Experience of Care

The manner in which patients experience care while in hospital settings is of central importance in the provision of healthcare. This goal should be clearly defined in order to identify areas that directly contribute to a better experience of care by all patients. Studies show that negative experiences by patients while seeking healthcare services negatively impact their health-seeking behavior. A patient who feels to have been poorly treated will not want to be in the same experience again. This impacts an individual’s health negatively in the long term, as well as a population’s health if most of them feel the same.

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The goal of improving the patient experience of care is achievable. This goal can be achieved through a number of ways that help to improve the experience of patients while seeking healthcare services. One of the ways of achieving this is by ensuring that patients are engaged at all times (Barello et al., 2016). This approach ensures that patients feel valued. Patient experience can also be improved by enhancing communication between healthcare providers and patients. Communication is important in creating a better understanding and provides an opportunity for clarification of concerns that patients might have. Treating patients with respect increases the quality of care provided, and ensures that the patient is fully satisfied with the healthcare services. Through these approaches, it is possible to significantly improve patients’ experience of care.

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Improving the Health of Populations

Population health denotes the promotion of the health of a given group of people. It could also mean the overall promotion of the health of the population. Measures such as widespread vaccinations against certain diseases are a classic example of how population health is achieved. For example, by ensuring that all children are vaccinated according to the outlined schedule, the healthcare system ensures that these children are not vulnerable to the diseases that they have been vaccinated against (Quinn et al., 2019). Improving the health of populations is an ideal goal that can be achieved through a number of ways in the healthcare system. Reduction of the rates of certain diseases is one of the main goals that can be used to achieve improved health of a population. For example, a target to reduce the rates of such conditions as diabetes leads to improved health of the population. There should also be a focus on reducing health disparities.

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There are a number of recognized health disparities among different populations, such as in the manner in which African Americans and Caucasians receive healthcare. The former group has been widely reported to be highly disadvantaged as far as access to healthcare is concerned. Addressing these issues ensures that there is equal access to healthcare services, which ultimately improves the health of the general population. Finally, encouraging healthy behaviors and lifestyles has a positive influence on the health of populations. This method can reduce the rates of such conditions like diabetes and hypertension by encouraging healthy diets and exercise.

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Reducing the Per-Capita Cost of Health Care

The cost of healthcare is one of the main factors that influence the manner in which people consume healthcare services. The cost of healthcare has risen significantly due to the increased number of diagnostic tests performed on patients, as well as the increased cost of drugs. Another significant factor that has led to the increased cost of healthcare is the emergence of private insurers in the healthcare sector. These insurance companies concentrate too much on profits, and this greatly disadvantages consumers of health. Unavailability of easily accessible health centers also means that patients have to travel for long distances to seek quality and specialized care.

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Reducing the cost that each person spends on healthcare is an achievable goal that can be achieved through the implementation of various measures. The federal government and the state governments should negotiate the prices of drugs in order to reduce their cost (Frank & Zeckhauser, 2018). This measure has a trickle-down effect as the drugs will be cost-effective to all patients. Measures should also be put in place to ensure that medical professionals are not incentivized to prescribe the most expensive drugs. Appropriate levels of cost-sharing with employers should also be established to ensure that the cost of health is effective at all levels (Carlin et al., 2016). Encouraging good consumer behavior would also reduce instances where people need healthcare services on a regular basis. These steps are helpful in containing the cost of healthcare.

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The attainment of the three goals is a desirable goal that the government and the health sector should focus on. The analyses of the three goals show that they are impactful in how they influence the health sector, especially in promoting the improvement of healthcare services. The three goals are the pillars of a sound healthcare system that is responsive to the needs of the population.

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