The Importance and Future of Internet in Our Daily Life

The Importance and Future of Internet in Our Daily Life

The advances in technology have revolutionized the way people communicate, commute and produce products and services (Bargh & McKenna, 2004). In the earlier days, before the advent of the power engine, people used to move from one destination to the other through foot. However, innovations saw the development of power engines and radio communication devices that made it easier to move and communicate. More innovations in the communications saw the development of the internet, which completely revolutionized communication and business. The internet has a number of applications, from business to personal communication.  In fact, it is now hard to image a world without an internet.

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The Importance of Internet in One’s Daily and Professional Life

The internet is a communication medium, which enables the connection between two or more computers (Bargh & McKenna, 2004). The entire set up consists of the wires and antennas, the routers and servers. One can access the internet through a computer or internet enable devices like mobile phones and digital televisions. The internet has become part of daily life of every individual, finding a number of applications in both personal and professional lives.

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At the personal level, the internet finds a number of uses, which includes communication through social media, emails, accessing online banking/payment systems and for personal research. The use of internet had bridged the gap in distance and now it is easier for one to communicate with their friends and family in real time without having to travel. Through applications such as facebook, Skype, Whatsapp and LinkedIn among others, one can easily get in touch with family and friends Moreover, the internet provides a platform where one can make bank transactions. Most companies, supermarkets and chain stores, have been linked with the internet and have an online market place where one can make purchases and payments.

Apart from personal level, the internet finds a wide range of applications in one’s professional life. The modern world demands that one remains up to date with what is happening around him/her as the current situations may affect one’s profession. For instance, an individual working in a business world needs to have information on the current business trends. The internet comes handy as through an internet search, one can learn what is happening in other economies or within other destinations of interests. In addition, internet facilitates communication in the workplace through emails, files sharing, online workshops, teleconferencing and interviews. All these have facilitated the way businesses are done and thus have enhanced the levels of professionalism.

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How Often the Internet is Used on Daily, Weekly and Monthly Basis

The internet finds use on a daily basis and perhaps throughout the year. On average, I use the internet about six hours in a day. However, this may vary depending on the daily commitments, for example, when conducting a class research; the use may be as high as eight hours. In a week, the internet is used for forty-two hours, which translates to roughly one thousand one hundred hours per month.

The Impact of Lack of Internet on Professional Life

The internet is greatly employed in every professional life, this has brought many changes, and improvements in the way things are done. A professional life without internet would mean inefficiency of communication, more time spend in management of huge data files and increased work pressure. Moreover, it would create a huge challenge of creation of a balance between work and one’s family. For instance, it would be more challenging to work in a far destination without one’s family around. The use of internet has made it easier to communicate through vide calls and this means working in far destinations is easier. However, a lack of internet may offer communication challenges, which may hamper family relationships and ultimately one’s professional life.

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The Impact of Lack of Internet on Personal Life

Lack of internet would greatly impacts on daily life activities like communication, shopping, getting services that would otherwise be hard to obtain without internet like online computer games, watching favourite television programmes and online conferences and classes. The gravity of lack of internet is lack of social interaction on local and international scales. It would be hard to get real-time communication with friends and families who live and work abroad. Moreover, a lack of internet would create a gap in knowledge, as getting information would mean one could attend conferences, visit a library or read daily newspapers.

The Impact of Internet on Economy

The internet is an effective mechanism for transferring information and data management (Whyte, 2015). According to (Kenny, 2003), the use of internet promotes externalities as a use of internet creates a way in which the other person may benefit in value creation through information sharing. Therefore, it is evident that the internet is a driver for economic growth. The author further elucidates a positive correlation between the growth in the US economy and the expansion of information communication technology between 1980s and 90s. Through the internet, internet market is made possible; one is able to trade in the forex exchange platforms. Moreover, the internet has creating a number of other sources of revenues, including foreign exchange and business process outsourcing.

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The Future of Internet and How the Americans Will use it in 2050

According to my opinion, the internet usage will increase and will witness more developments that are new. As choices increase and more people join the global web network, most of the people’s needs will be matched, thanks to internet synchronization with individual data and live stream adjustments of schedules such as train delays and changes in weather patterns. As put by (Gelernter, Freeman, & and, 2015), developments that capture the real-time flow will dominate the future internet developments.

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By the year 2050, there will be total adoption and use of high-speed internet in the US and advanced use of internet shall be adopted. Perhaps smart applications, which adopt the artificial intelligence, will have been designed thus relieving people of huge workloads of managing their personal schedules (Shirvell, 2016). Moreover, the Americans will have more control of their personal data through their ability to write their own applications that customizes their personal data (Whyte, 2015).

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