Integumentary and Skeletal Systems

The organ systems in the human body work in ways that are interconnected to maintain homeostasis. The organs that enjoy such a connection include the muscular system, lymphatic, endocrine, digestive, respiratory, nervous, integumentary, and skeletal. Morvillo & Schmidt (2015) points that though this is the case of all body organs, an intimate connection exists between the integumentary, skeletal, and the muscular systems. The major organ of the integumentary system is the skin and performs a number of functions that includes sensory contact, temperature regulation, absorption and excretion, and protection against infections. The skin is connected to the body muscles that constitute the muscular system. Muscles perform one major function of contraction and expansion to aid in movement. The many movements that occur in the body are made possible due to the connection of the muscles to the bone through the tendons. The skeletal system also provides the major structural framework of the body.

How the Integumentary and Skeletal Systems Work Together to Protect Our Bodies            

The integumentary and the skeletal systems work together in protection of the underlying tissues in the human body. According to Moini (2015) in addition to the skin, the integumentary system consists of the sebaceous and sweat glands, hair, and nails. The skeletal system consists of bones that are bound together by ligaments and cartilages. While the integumentary protects the internal organs against infections such as bacteria, the skeletal system protects the soft tissues beneath the skin and helps the body to move. The integumentary system provides a barrier against the external entry of germs into the body that may affect the soft inner organs while the skeletal system offers stability and protection that may result from trauma. The two systems play complementary roles in ensuring our bodies are protected against physical, chemical and biological external attacks.

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