Jews Vs Conservative Protestants Typical Drinking Patterns

Drinking patterns among the Americans is highly influenced by individual religions. According to Kissin (2012), Jews demonstrate a high drinking prevalence though they also record a low heave drinking prevalence. The drinking prevalence among Jews is recorded to be between 87 and 92 percent, however the rate of heavy drinking among Jews is below the country average level. It is recorded to be 2 individual for every 1000 person and thus, it is the lowest among the religious groups. However the condition is different along Christian families where Catholics and Liberal Protestant record high rate of normal drinking (slightly lower than Jews) and a high rate of heavy drinking. Heavy drinking is quite low among Conservative Protestants as compared to the other two Christian’s group. However, it is not below that of Jews. The rate of alcohol use among conservative protestant is far below that of Catholics, liberal Protestants and Jews. For instance Baptist church recorded 48% of drinkers and 9% of heavy alcohol users. Conservative Protestants preaches more about abstinence from alcohol. However, Jews belief in the virtual of little or enough alcohol and breach against excessive intake of alcohol.


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