Job Analysis and Job Description – Retail Sales Representative And End Manager Positions


The paper is based on undercover boss-true value stores video. The store is involved in selling hardware products. It has different departments, where the company’s president managed to visit four different departments in this video.  They include retail sales position, inbound receiving position, front end manager position, and cashier position. The two job positions to be compared in this case include the Retail Sales Representative And The End Manager Positions.

Retail sales representative vs. Front End Manager

The two positions involves dealing directly with the customers but at different levels. The retail sale representative main job is to assist customers locate the products they are looking for in the store, advising them on the best product to purchase for particular job, informing customers on product functionality and where necessary showing them how to amount the product, and selling the company’s product by showing the products advantage to the customer. The sales representative in True Value stores is also involved in maintain product shelves, speaking to customers to understand their needs.  On the contrary, the front end manager in the company deals directly with customers especially those requiring a certain product that is not available in the company. They are involved in placing orders to meet customers’ needs, assuring customers of the company’s ability to supply the ordered out of stock goods after a certain period of time and  making order preparation such as cutting pieces in the standard required by the customer. Thus, one must be highly spirited, good public relation, and have good communication skills. They prepare customers older through phones or in person. They also play a great role in maintaining the customers trust on the company’s ability (Lenyu, 2014).

Method for collecting Information

The undercover boss collects information regarding the duties involved in the two positions through interview which he conducts like an employee trying to understand the job position. The boss takes part in daily operation in each department as a trainee. In this regard, he also correct information through observation and direct participation or one-on-one participation.

Job Description

Sales Representative in True Value stores is responsible for guiding customers on what they need, advising customers on the best product for a specific task, assuring customers of the product quality and warranty, and promoting the sales of the company’s product through marketing. To qualify to do this job, one must have sales and marketing skills, must be well conversant with the company’s products, their functions, strengths and weaknesses, good display and organization skill, and good public relation.  The front end manager in the True Value Company is responsible of advising customers on the best brand for specific task, making orders for out of stock products, checking inventories and making orders based on the stock. To qualify to work in this position, one must have sales and marketing skills, management skills, good public relation, good communication skills, and good record keeping skills (Pritchard, 2011).

Job Description and Analysis Compliance to Federal Law

Job analysis based on the federal law needs to describe all essential work behaviors, their significance, and their complexity. It also involves the work product analysis and tasks associated with the work. The above job analysis highly meet the requirements, since it highly state the role of the individual in the position, the skilled required, and relevant personal behaviors that fits the job best. Thus, the analysis and descriptions adheres to the federal law requirements (HR-Guide, 2015).

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