Organisms in Found in Alabama Biome

Topics addressed

  • Biome found in Alabama
  • Main features of the biome
  • Type of organisms in Alabama
  • Interaction of the organisms with one another
  • Conditions they need in order to survive
  • Hypothesis of a New Environment
  • Additional Topics;

i. The environmental management practices changes in the area.

ii. Impact in shift of culture and society in the area.


  • Alabama is a southeastern U.S. state home to significant landmarks from American Civil Rights Movement.
  • As on the year 2014, the population was 4.849 million.
  • Temperate Deciduous Forest is one of the largest biome found in Alabama (Sayre, A. P. 1994)

Features of Temperate Deciduous Forest

  • Deciduous forests means that these plants lose their leaves every year and grow them back and also have evergreen trees.
  • Average temperature of the forest is about 50-56 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The temperate deciduous forest has an interesting feature of changing seasons, from Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.
  • These Temperate forests have rich soil and have hot summers and cold winters.
  • The temperate deciduous forests gets the second-most amount of rainfall per year with an average of 30 to 60 inches per year.

Type of organisms in Temperate Deciduous Forest













  • Lichen, moss, ferns, wildflowers and other small plants are the variety of plant species found in Temperature deciduous
  • Shrubs fill in the middle level and hardwood trees like maple make up the third level.
  • Conifers like pine trees mixes with the hardwood trees in this biome. The taiga and the temperate deciduous forest may overlap.

Plants in Temperate Deciduous Forest

  • Diversity of life exists such as insects, frogs, snakes etc.
  • Birds like broad-winged hawks, are also found in this biome.
  • Mammals may include white-tailed deer red foxes.
  • Some animals in this biome migrate or hibernate in the winter in order to adapt in this biome.
  • Symbiotic relationship is evident in this biome.
  • Symbiosis is a situation in which two different organisms live together in close relationship.

Relationship Types

  • Some examples in the Temperature Deciduous Forest are

1.Parasitism-A tick feasting on a deer.

2.Mutualism-Bees feed on nectar and spread pollen to flowers.

3.Commensalism-one species benefits and the other species is neither helped or harmed

Hypothesis of a New Environment

  • Climate would warm up by an average of 10 degrees C because of various changes such as global warming and climate shift.
  • These changes can have both positive and negative effects on temperate forests.
  • Change in climate will result in species either adapting, migrating or dying off.
  • Carbon dioxide could support increased growth in areas with fertile soil and sufficient water supplies, (Benton, E. P., & McCreadie, J. W. April 01, 2009)
  • In Alabama, the added carbon dioxide might be useless because water isn’t sufficiently available.
  • During migration these invasive species can wreak havoc on temperate trees, such as the mountain pine beetle.
  • The biome would have a problem with the extinction of some species which died as they were unable to migrate or adapt due to the changes.
  • Animals and plants likely to inhabit the warmer area may include;  gray wolf, eagle, coyotes, grasshoppers, crickets, buffalo grass, wild indigos, crazy weed and herbs.
  • In reference to the ecological models, the distribution of world biomes will shift as a result of the climate changes associated with increased greenhouse gases.
  • The size of the populations of organisms within the biomes will change with potential consequences for the functioning of ecosystems and other dependents.

Additional Notes

The environmental management practices would concentrate on better cleaning practices, provide safer drinking water and find ways to protect different species from extinction.

It will be uncertain to conclude that this drastic shift in temperature would impact culture and society or not.

But, it is evident that it would have an impact on the way people live.

It would be unreasonable to leave my area because I love it and I have felt the difference in temperature changes over the past several years.


In conclusion, the temperate deciduous forest in Alabama is expected to keep changing each and every year.

With this drastic changes, a lot of transformations are expected to be happening ranging from animals to plants.

Due to the fact that change is inevitable, adaptability is necessary to have a conducive environment to live in.

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