Low-Performing Students Vs Exemplary Students

Describe what you believe are the key differences between the low-performing student and the exemplary student. What is the most important thing low-performing students can do to improve their performance?

Poor performing students are normally categorized as below average students. They consistently get marks below the average mark in all subjects and thus, their overall grade is low. The mostly get the least grade. On the contrary, exemplary students are students who are far beyond the average mark. They normally score the highest grade possible. Although some poor performing students have learning disabilities, this is not normally the case. Student performance is determine by a number of factors that include the learning environment, the motivation, support given, family background, life stressors which include poor socioeconomic status, and the education background given to a child (OECD, 2016).

Poor performing students are more likely to remain poor due to lack of support from the teachers who in most cases brand them as poor. Thus, teachers hardly waste their time trying to help them improve. Moreover, most teachers move with the speed of the bright students. This means, the slow learners are always left behind to catch up.  Most of good performing students get the support they need from teachers and parents. They are also respected among other students and thus, they hardly deal with traumatizing challenges such as bullying and other forms of harassment. On the contrary poor performing children are labeled, and always made to feel inferior both by teachers and other students. This worsens their situation and they end up deteriorating.  This also increases their chance of dropping out of school.

To improve their situation, the low performing students should consider building self-confidence and embracing the spirit of determination. They should consider having a self-drive, where they will focus on improving their performance. They may seek help from other students who are willing to help, or consider investing more in their books. This inner drive will help them to make some improvement upon which, they will manage to challenge their teachers and other students to support them in their determination.

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