Management of Human Capital in the Organization – Google Inc

Human Capital Management in Google Inc

Google Inc has adopted a very unique culture with regard to human resource management. The company employs its resources to keep workers happy. Google developed distinctive work environment which motivates, attracts, and retains the best workers in the company. The company has occasionally been listed in Fortune Magazine as the best place to work. Google gives special treatment to its employees as a way of boosting their working morale and their commitment to the organization. It gives free gourmet food choices which include espresso stations and sushi bars to its workers. They also have access to doctors, gyms, on-site child care, shower facilities, and video games. The company also offers paternal leave of four months with payment equivalent to 75% of the full payment, and also provides the family with $500 to take the new born out with the rest of the family (, 2017).

The company in addition promotes individual workers development through provision of training programs as well as performance enhancement program. The organization training program focuses on promoting innovation among the employees. Google employee training contains the analysis section where the employee’s needs are identified and a training done specifically to address individual needs. The company’s performance management practices are connected directly to the company’s human resource management objectives, to ensure that workers are capable of supporting business activities of the company. The individual performance analysis focuses on determining individual weaknesses and working towards improving them, as well as promoting those demonstrating positive improvement. The company also enhances the culture of open communication and idea sharing. Google employs diverse workforce and it embraces inclusion as well as effective diversity management (, 2017). It also promotes innovative culture which is characterized by making trials and constant implementation of new ideas. This has played a great role in promoting Google Inc performance among its competitors.

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