Managing Diversity and Promoting Multi-Cultural Competency in Healthcare Workforce

Health Care Human Resource Management

Managing Diversity and Promoting Multi-Cultural Competency in the Workforce

Workforce diversity is a common scenario in today’s healthcare organizations. In this regard, a manager in any healthcare organization should in a place of managing workforce diversity to ensure the organization enjoys its benefits. As a healthcare I would manage diversity by educating all the workers about diversity through training. I would also introduce new organization policies or review the existing ones to ensure that the issues of discrimination in the workplace based on any aspect is forbidden and punishable by the company’s act (UCSF, n.d.).

To promote cultural competence, I would ensure that the organization has policies that define workers attitudes and behaviors in an organization to create a new and neutral organization culture that accommodates all. This will also be done by promoting inclusion where staffs will be taught to respect other people’s culture and to value them. Cultural self-assessment would also be embraced to allow workers to keep on adjusting into being more appreciative and respective of other people’s culture (Brownlee & Lee, 2014).

Preparing for a Career as HR Director in U.S. Healthcare Facility

The first aspect needed to prepare for any professional position is having the right education background. Therefore to be a human resource manager, I would first pursue the right degree and master degree to ensure that I have all the required knowledge. I will also take an administrative or HRM position in a healthcare organization to gain relevant experience. While in this position, I will consider understanding how to handle workforce diversity in an organization, and on how to promote cultural competency and inclusion. U.S. Healthcare facility is currently accommodating a very diverse workforce with people of different gender, age, education level, cultural background, and specialization. Therefore, while preparing for a career as a human resource director in the facility I would consider understanding the strategies to employ to hire the best professionals from diverse culture and how the company ensures that there is no discrimination during the hiring process.  I will consider learning more on how a human resource manager can promote performance by taking advantage of workforce diversity. Although the general HRM tactics are essential in this case, I will put more focus on diversity management and promotion of inclusion in the organization.

Professional Credential Required for the HR role in a Healthcare Facility

To qualify as vice president or director of human resource in the U.S. health facility one would first need to have a degree in healthcare administration. This should be followed by an advanced degree in human resource management. Other important traits that will be considered include interpersonal skills. Being a very high position, any person intending to hold the position must have previous experience in human resource management or administrative position in a healthcare environment for not less than 5 years. All these credentials will be considered for this position.

My interest in the HR Career Path

I am highly interested in taking a career in human resource management in a healthcare environment. This is because in that position, I will have a privilege of influencing staffs’ working environment, work attitude and their energy to do work. I do believe with my right academic credentials and influence, I will be able to build a strong workforce that will be dedicated to its duties, that will respective other people values and culture. With this I will be able to enjoy improvement in the organization performance.

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