Mankind Over-Dependency on Technology – Research Paper

Mankind is Over Depending on Technology

The human mind is always curious to dig out and unlock the mysteries within the universe. The sphere of technological knowledge is infinite which has mechanized and reshaped the present edges of the world. Technology has penetrated into the roots of human life and it obviously raises the question whether mankind is over depending on technology? Can we say that a man is now a slave of his own inventions or creations? The facilitation created by the man-made machines has the tendency of providing negative effects. Technology can be defined as the combination of equipment and machines which are designed to facilitate mankind in carrying out multiple tasks simultaneously, but on the other hand, if they depend on it too much it will create failures and risks for them. The research and experiments show that excessive use of technology is making people depend too much on technology and this over-dependency is taking them to a complete disaster.

In the past, every era of mankind is full of examples where experiments take place and those experiments were done to solve the mysteries and questions within the human mind. Those early experiments can be illustrated as the invention of the wheel which revolutionized the whole concept of technology. The man was enjoying the benefits of technology and its creations for many centuries. Every century of human life has its own history of technological inventions or creation which were enjoyed by mankind, but it was not in the mind of any person that if we start depending on it what will happen (history of technology). In our society today people have a lot of technological over dependency issues and it is becoming almost impossible for them to deal with it, for example, cyberbullying, car crashing due to cell phones, hacking and many other bad things are taking place which is difficult to stop forever. Now a single robot is handling the job of several people like automatic assembly and packing machines, the use of iPad or touchpad technology is constantly increasing and leaving negative impacts and people think that the internet and social media are for their betterment, but it is not because these things have their own negative aspects.

Innovation in technology has a great cost for the job holders and with the passage of time, it is showing a negative side. Furthermore, robots are taking place in every industry that can handle the work of several people at the same time but somehow this point is going against mankind. In the past 30 years, digital revolution in technology has destroyed many mid-skill jobs and there are many bank tellers, ticket agents, and much other product line jobs were allocated to machines in the 20th century (Effect of Today’s Technology). There are many companies who are now giving their preference to robots instead of human and they are putting their resources on robots instead of human. As per a survey by Harris Corporation, there are more than 20% of 2000 HR managers or professionals replacing their workers with automated technologies and this percentage has been increased to 30% in no time. Now there are automated machines to do data entry jobs and those employees who were earning $14 per hours have no jobs now. More than 43000 jobs are declining from 2002 to 2014 (Dill). Brynjolfsson and McAfee are two of the most important and famous computer software industries and these industries claim that over dependence is creating troubles and controversies. McAfee states that “race again the machine can be dangerous and it can hurt wages and jobs of a million people” (Miller, Ben, and Atkinson). David Rotman as the director and MIT technology industry believes that there no doubt that technology is creating more jobs, but it is destroying jobs faster and it is happening very fast in the United States of America because there is 7% unemployment and in an unemployment society different crimes take place and it can create different bad circumstances (Rotman).  As a matter of fact, yes, there is more unemployment in our cities and in our countries. Those countries who are doing an import of technology for their better production because they think that technology is faster and better for their production, but in reality, it is destroying their society.

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The touchpad technology is introducing negative sides to our societies. Its frequent usage has pernicious and bad effects on humans. The creation of iPad is very productive, but it’s daily and everywhere usage has destroyed the originality of things and basic concepts. Its usage has abolished the concept of the school bag because in some of the school teachers are asking their students to take notes or put their study material on their iPad. It has also clinched the mental tenderness as well as the innocence of minor students, which is making students reluctant and ignorant to social development. As per the survey report, there were only 20% parents who were buying new iPad for their children, but in 2013 this ratio was up to 51% and the report also shows that children aged up to eight were using it too. These numbers are constantly increasing and in the year of 2015, it is going to break all records (Cocozza). A famous Greek and American social scientists Christakis argues “We have to take a step back and remind ourselves that iPads are only 4 years old. And most of us can’t even conceive of the world that existed before iPads; they feel like they’ve baseline here forever” (Cohen). Dr. Rahil Briggs, a pediatric psychologist at New York’s Montefiore Medical Center, explains that tablet usage needs to be limited for the youngest of children because too much screen time can slow language and write development. For elders, Briggs says too much tablet use can slow social development and multitasking capabilities (Negative Impact of Tablets). We are destroying ourselves because there are many deep things that we do not keep in our minds when we go to buy technology products. Now in this age, a 5 to a 6-year child can easily understand and handle mobile what will happen when they will grow up? They will definitely depend on it too much (Impact of Tablets on Children).

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The internet is one of the most important technology in our lives nowadays, but people who are using it are not focusing on the negative aspects that it can leave on them with the passage of time. Students, children, and teenagers are becoming over dependent, which is making them addicted to the internet which is a very serious disease. As per Nawwaf Rashid, there are many types of serious Internet addiction that can cause great damage. In cybersex addiction, cyber-relationship addiction, information overload, net compulsion are some of the internet addiction that is causing too much trouble nowadays (Rashed).  All these types of addictions are causing psychological problems, many other issues like anxiety, depression, isolation, and other addictions like drugs, sex or gambling. As per a research youth are becoming addicted to online gaming and on the basis of that revenue has reached $19 billion by 2013 which is not effective but a disaster (Gray). These young people are starting to have different personality disorders. And there is a deep negative relationship found in frequent web surfing and life satisfaction. In a recent study is was proven that the Internet leaves an immediate impact on the mood and psychological states on those who are addicted or consuming low internet on a very low level. In this experimental study, some participants take a psychological test to measure their addiction, anxiety, mood, depression and autism traits. They use the internet for 15 minutes and they were tested again and it was found that there was a pronounced decrease in their mood and they show some other traits of depression and anxiety (Romano et al.). We know that most people are addicted to the internet and these different kind of websites and different negative impacts of the internet are taking people to a very deep and negative side and there are very less and impressive ways to control it. Depending too much on the internet is destroying their mental skills of calculating, reading and understanding things.

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Development of technology has emerged a new shape of media, which is called social media websites, but with the passage of time, this technology is showing unbelievable negative effects. Social media websites like Facebook, Emo, Skip, and Twitter are some of the latest websites. Over nine hundred and one million users using Facebook daily indicates that with the passage of time people are getting too much depending on it, which is leaving its negative impacts (Yung-Hui).  People are using these social media websites for over communicating. Just think for a moment what will happen if all these websites and tools suddenly went down. People are addicted to over-connectivity and what will they do if something happened like this? Will they run out of their homes to start their conversation with people or they’ll stay connected 24/7 on the phone call? As per the research, there are 40% people in England that are connecting themselves with other people through social media on the daily basis. And, youngsters from age 16 to 24 over 52% are taking part in different online activities on social media websites on a daily basis (Clark). As International Journal of Innovative indicates that social media is affecting negatively on the motivational level of students, their multitasking abilities are greatly influenced and students are wasting almost 1\3 part of their study time on social media websites. The Nuclear Research Facebook is shaving 1.5% productivity of employees who are using these websites in their work time (Paddy). Instead of these matters and negative impacts, there are many other things that they face in their daily life. Problems like information theft, cyber bullying, mysterious relationships and sex addictions are becoming common in our lives and almost every child, youngster, student or an elder person has to deal with these problems.

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With the advancement of applied science, Human has developed or created many machines for his serve. Computers are one of them. Today’s human life and computers are really interconnected. Today’s human life is really dependent on computers. If we notice around us or vicinity, we will see this machine in every dwelling in its different forms. If we notice we will perceive that relying very much on computers for queries, and their answers, our personal interactions, which have addicted the users (Dependent on Computers). Utilizing the data processor for a learning process is not a big issue, but the sad side of the aspect is, People use this equipment often to catch rid of facial expression to face interactions with the other masses. It is a scientific prediction that within 10-20 years computer machines would be smarter and intellectual than the whole world. Do not we think it is a terrifying fact which we will have to face in future? In simple words’ human might be a slave to a new master.

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I can perceive another horrifying fact. If we look 30 years back we will find that 90% of children were used to run outdoors in parks and grounds. They much interacted with nature and its best results. But today our children habits have been turned into playing video games and other indoor games. What’s the present dilemma due to indoor games or video games? Our kids do not fit like the past. They are facing heavyweight issue which was not shown in the yesteryear. The youngsters of the present age are always concerned to play uneducated games on computers, which is not helpful for the kid’s mental and intellectual content (Sherry). Science has also emerged a very vast domain of information technology along with the data processors. IT has assured a very important place in humanity. Users of information technology have spread at a high scale in our every field of lifespan and we are depending on it at large scale (Kevin). Kevin Beaver refers that information technology and compliance audits are really crucial and have a strong importance. He points out if any data breaches have happened in that location would be a huge loss to the people like if information and particulars from students at an Orlando, Fla college was uncovered when an Excel spreadsheets with names, addresses, date of birth, and college kids were listed on a website which was protected by a password. The password protection was passed which allows anyone to penetrate into the said website and all data can be accessed online (Kevin).

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Very sensitive electrical infrastructure and results of blackouts, human race depends on electricity has aggravated the consumer addiction to electronic devices. We have become more dependent on the regular or uninterrupted provision of power for our own convenience, protection and communication system, transport, health, and nutrient. What would be the scene if the lights go out? Dependency on electricity has boosted the demands of electricity because our other sources of power have been abbreviated due to non-availability of raw beginnings. Taylor & Francis says our dependence on electricity and vulnerability, when a blackout happens, the economic loss and quality disturbances are unimaginable, the estimated American economic loss is between 25$ and 180$ billion per annum (Taylor, Francis). Blackout suffers the economy and daily life in different ways.

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Without electricity, the food field can be affected that there is no refrigeration without power, which contributes to the perishing of food items along with the danger of food intoxication. It also goes to the protection system failure, which results in an addition of crime rate, failure of electricity, fraud, and theft would spread at high rates. If there is no electricity, it would seriously damage the system of transportation along with the bankruptcy of a traffic signal system which can create a huge traffic mess on the roads (Michael, Bruch, Kuhn, Michael, and Gerhard). Electricity has become our part and parcel of our daily life. Our great dependence on electricity has created a situation, life without electricity is no life. No one can imagine life in summer without electricity, our life would become miserable (Raghu).

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It cannot be ignored that we are over dependent on technology and it is because technology is everywhere now and in every aspect of life. Jeff Hindenach argues that technology pretty much runs our lives and most of the time humans are relying on it to get our work done, but that does not mean they are over depending on it. People are just making it their habit and they are just forgetting to avoid it. People blame technology for our loneliness, psychological problems, but that is not true because if they start avoiding it their life will still go on and their things will get done by any other way (Hindenach). On the other hand, this argument is not satisfactory, because technology is a big thing and it cannot be compared with the habits of a single person. If someone is using something for their own good and they are constantly using it they are depending on it.  Nowadays, how many people remember the phone number of their friends and their family? Everybody knows that their abilities are affected due to this, iPad, mobiles, cars, home appliances and tablets are damaging the thinking abilities (Vicky). Laura a senior graphic designer and an authorized publisher argue, that no matter what people are depending on various big or on a small technology. Just imagine yourself without transport facilities, medical facilities, and many other technologies? You cannot even move from one place to another without technology now. People can live in their homes in modern cities for days alone and without talking with anyone or without hearing voices of anyone but in order to bring something or to find something to eat, they have to order online, they have to use their emails, online shopping, and instant messages or internet facilities to continue their daily work (Sales). It cannot be ignored that technology helped mankind in various ways and in different manners. And, there are many other ways to which people are attached to technology. There are some ways they do not know yet, but somehow it is influencing lives in a negative way. Mankind is depending on their gadgets and without them they are not capable enough now to do their routine activities.

 The connection between mankind and technology is very deep. An aspect of life is highly interlinked with each other. No doubt technology is a great blessing, but on the other hand, it has dark aspects if we depend on it too much. Technology leaves various impacts on everyone, but those who use it excessively are greatly influenced by its negative effects and all these negative effects can take a person to a completely wrong way. I recommend that people should create a balance for their use of technology so that over dependency does not take place and people can keep themselves safe and sound.

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