Marketing Communications Objectives In AIDA Framework

The model of AIDA recognizes the cognitive stages that every customer goes through during the buying process for a service or product (Hanlon, 2013). The technique refers to the purchasing channel where buyers go through different stages to support the final sale. The three communication objectives in the AIDA tool are the following:


The attention segment of the marketing communication target happens at the initial stage, and it aims at providing a reason to the prospect customer to take notice of the product or service. For instance, presenting an appalling statistic or fact that recognizes a problem that can be solved by the service or product is one familiar technique of gaining attention (Hanlon, 2013). Also, provocative queries, and using the aspect of surprise are efficient methods of gaining attention, the purpose of these methods is to provide customers with an opportunity to learn and purchase the product or service.

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After you have obtained the attention of the prospect customer, the second step is to ensure you maintain an interest in your service or product, so as to keep the receivers affianced. It is paramount at this stage to explain to the recipient how the problem you recognized in the attention stage is negatively affecting their lives (Hanlon, 2013). Further, personalizing and illustrating the problem can assist the prospect to acknowledge the problem and seek for possible solutions to resolve the problem.

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The aim or objective in the desire stage is to demonstrate to the customer how your service or product can solve their problem (Hanlon, 2013). Therefore, display the features of the service or product and the allied advantages and benefits satisfy the need. Actually demonstrating your product or service at this stage will leave the customer desiring to buy your service or product.

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