Marketing Plan for OptiCool Eye Care Center

Services Provided

OptiCool Eye Care Center is an eye care center located in Miami. It was established in 2018 to cater for the growing needs of ophthalmology services. The center provides quality healthcare by prioritizing the needs of the patients. The company offers comprehensive eye care services ranging from routine eye exams to eye surgeries. The services include eye evaluations, laser surgeries, refractive procedures, cataract operations, eyelid surgery, pediatric eye care services, as well as diabetic retinopathy treatment. With over five experienced ophthalmologists and more than ten ophthalmological nurses, the facility guarantees personalized care for each client and access to the latest technology in eye care.

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Mission and Vision

            The mission is focused on providing quality eye care through best ophthalmology care tailored to meet patient needs. By making the visual needs of the patients a priority, OptiCool Eye Care Center focuses on the clients. The company prides in quality, affordable visual health, and wellness. The vision is to be dedicated to people’s visual health needs.

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Miami has several eye care centers, most of which are strategically located. The company faces competition from Einhorn Eyecare Centre, Ben Nissan Eyes, Eye-N-Eye Vision Centre, Marino Eye Care, and Coral Eyes. It can effectively compete by focusing on reduced cost of eye care while maintaining quality. The cost of eye care in Miami is high; hence, it pushes people to seek cheaper services. By providing the best price and value at a low cost, the company might gain loyal customers who might then refer other people to OptiCool Eye Care Center. With this strategy, the company can create a loyal customer base that can be maintained by delivery of high quality eye care services.

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Additionally, service differentiation, as a competitive strategy, places the company at an advantage over the other eye care centers. According to Davcik and Sharma (2015), service differentiation allows the customers to choose a specific service over the others in the market. In doing so, the presence of the company in the market is increased, thus establishing dominance over the other rivals. It also allows the company to focus on unique aspects of the service that make it superior to its competitors. In the case of OptiCool Eye Care and its competitors, all the five rival companies only provide eye care services at their clinics. The company might create a unique selling point by introducing eye care services at the comfort of a patient’s home. Through service differentiation, the company can attract a loyal customer base, hence improving its market presence.

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In addition to this, operational excellence gives OptiCool Eye Care a competitive advantage over the other eye care centers in Miami. As defined by Carvalho, Sampaio, Rebentisch, Carvalho, and Saraiva (2017), operational excellence refers to the automation of work procedures to reduce the costs and streamline operations. It is achieved by setting concrete goals to be achieved in a given timeline. It also entails measurement of the objectives to determine the performance of the company in the market. Finally, operational excellence can be reached by measuring the feedback to determine the impact created on the market. The center can obtain this by minimizing the costs of purchasing equipment in bulk and reducing the costs of replacing them by servicing them regularly. In doing so, the costs of operations would be reduced, thus allowing the company to grow and penetrate the market successfully.

Given its strategic location at the heart of Miami, OptiCool Eye Care Center gains a competitive advantage over the other facilities. Its proximity to amenities, such as schools, churches, and shopping malls, attracts clients who frequently visit these places. The area has an effect on a client’s feedback to a certain service and product (Jobber & Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). Therefore, OptiCool Eye Care Center might maximize on its strategic location to gain a competitive advantage over other eye care centers.

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Promotion as a competition strategy might allow the company to stand out in Miami. Through promotion, the facility gains relevance in the market, hence creating a huge customer base. Therefore, the company might utilize the advertising platforms, such as social media channels, television, and radio advertisement, and fliers to increase its brand awareness among the consumers. According to Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick (2012), promotion as a component of marketing boosts brand recognition through advertising, public relations, and sales promotion. Hence, through promotions, OptiCool Eye Care Center can establish its presence in the market to compete with other companies. Thus, the company gains a position in the market to shield itself from the external competitive forces.

Finally, the company can compete with the other eye care centers in the market by being the product leader. It can be achieved by the adoption of new technologies in eye care. By constantly introducing superior technology in ophthalmology, the company can attract customers through their creativity and ability to adjust to the demand of customers.

Product Differentiation

Product differentiation is achieved by creating unique products that can be made available to the consumers through advertising. The product differentiation in OptiCool Eye Care Center, therefore, can be achieved by introducing additional checkups after the eye examination or surgery. For instance, the patients can be given free nose and ear examination after every eye procedure. Most eye care centers in Miami focus primarily on the provision of eye care services. By introducing free nose and ear checkups for every patient, the center might provide extra services to their customers hence increasing loyalty.

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Additionally, product differentiation can be achieved by improving the relationships between the employees and patients. In doing so, the company might attract and retain customers based on the established relationship between the customers and itself. When the personnel demonstrate competence, reliability, responsiveness, and credibility, they provide a link between a product and customer (Jobber & Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). According to Davcik and Sharma (2015), the employees ensure that a product is delivered to a customer in a timely manner, and they resolve any issues promptly. Thus, a bond is created between the service provider and customer, prompting them to gain loyalty to a particular brand.

Finally, product differentiation is achieved by creating a good reputation through the delivery of quality care. Given its recent establishment, creating a reputation for OptiCool Eye Care Center may prove challenging. The company might, therefore, create its image by standing by its vision of focusing on the visual health and wellness of the clients. In doing so, the organization communicates its uniqueness in the market through its value proposition. All in all, marketing strategies entail the manipulation of the product, place, promotion, and price. Therefore, articulating these aspects in a marketing plan as revealed in OptiCool Eye Care Center improves the performance of the company in the market. Employing strategies, such as product differentiation, promotion, position, and operational excellence, sets the company at an advantage over the other companies in Miami. Marketing strategies are, therefore, effective in building and maintaining a brand.

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