Marketing Targeting Kids and Teenagers

Assignment Question

Many companies market their products and/or services to children or young teens. Identify one product and/or service that does this. Do you feel it is appropriate to market this product or service to this age group? Explain. Does this approach fit that company’s mission or strategic plan? Explain.

Sample Answer

Marketing Targeting Kids and Teenagers

Teenagers and young children are increasingly turning to be the marketing and advertising target by most companies, especially those that produce goods that are highly consumed by children or liked by teenagers. One of the product advertised targeting children is toys. Toys are normally advertised with intention of persuading its consumers who are basically children to purchase them.

Marketing is normally done to persuade the targeted consumers to buy the product. In my opinion, it is appropriate for toys companies and others that make children products to target children. This is because children have the ability to influence their parents purchasing behavior. Therefore, a company can manage to make many sales if it manages to convince many children that their product is worth. Moreover, children have a considerable amount of money that they personally spend. Therefore, they also have a purchasing power and thus, they are also potential customers. Moreover, children are expected to grow to be future great consumers. In this regard, influencing their purchase behavior and creating desire for purchase will highly be beneficial to the companies that sell big products but markets targeting children. In my opinion I do not find anything unsuitable in influencing children desire to own something at their age or in future.  It actually boosts their determination in life (Sharon, 1998).

This approach fits the company’s marketing mission and strategic plan. Normally, the major mission of marketing is to increase the number of sales. Marketing of toys makes children desire to have the product and they use their pester power to influence their parents into purchasing the product. In so doing, the company is able to accomplish its goal of increasing the sales (Mediasmart, n.d.).

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