Martin Luther King Jr and Thomas Edison Contributions To The World

What did each of the individuals contribute to the world?

Martin Luther King

The vision of Martin Luther King changed the world in a significant way. He envisioned a society where race was not an issue, and people were permitted to live their lives. However, his vision is not a reality in the world or the United States, but his vision impacted the world in a great way (U.S. History, 2014). The efforts of Martin Luther King changed America and the world in apparent and evident ways. Consequently, his vision has helped the minorities to have a voice and made the world an equal place.

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 Thomas Edison 

Thomas Edison is a very contentious character and a great inventor. He invented the phonograph, locomotive, electric bulb, electric pen, the movie camera, alkaline batteries, improved the telephone and the stock ticker (Rusu, L, (2015). He has hugely contrived to the world, particularly the United States for creating and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship.

How was each contribution rooted in creative thinking; that is, how did each change existing paradigms of seeing or experiencing the world?

All of 17 iconic 20th-century personalities’ contributions were rooted in creative thinking.  They changed the perception the world had of them (Creative Criminals, 1997), Therefore, they were no longer viewed as a social misfit, crazy, reels, round pegs in the square holes or trouble makers, but like people who significantly left a legacy in the world.

Why did Apple choose these individuals to appear in this advertisement?

The Apple chose the 17 iconic personalities for a think different campaign, as all the characters changed and impacted the world and left a legacy (Creative Criminals, 1997). Consequently, the intention of Apple Company was to resolve the crisis that only this campaign helped them to climb out of the crisis.

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