Microsoft SQL Server 2012 All Editions Review

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Editions

Microsoft SQL server integrated a number of new features and a few changes in the product lineup of the SQL Server. The entire family of SQL Server 2012 contains a number of editions which include express edition, web developer edition, standard edition, business intelligence edition, and enterprise edition. This paper reviews all Microsoft SQL Server 2012 editions with intention of selecting the best for the company’s operations and using it to create the company database.

Standard Edition

This edition is restricted to 64 GB of RAM and 16 cores. It gives the central relational database engine as well as primary business intelligence abilities. It fails to integrate the support for advanced accessible features or the extra powerful features of BI that include Master Data Services, Power View, PowerPivot. However, it incorporate two-node AlwaysOn Failover Clusters support and it is either licensed for Per sever or per core. This edition only has three security features that include basic auditing, user-defined roles, and it contained databases. However, it only has one performance and scalability features which is multi-instance support. Nevertheless, this edition has high level of replication, well equipped in management tools such that it also enhances a high level of RDBMS manageability. The edition also provide an extensive range of development tools and it is highly programmable and with high integration services (Otey, 2012).


Business Intelligence Edition

This is a new SQL Server family member introduced in SQL 2012. Similar to standard edition, this edition is limited for 64GB of RAM and a database engine of 16 cores. However, unlike the standard edition it can utilize maximum volumes of cores which are supported by OS for reporting services and analysis services. This edition contains all features found in the standard edition and extends by supporting advanced features of BI that include PowerPivot and Power View. However, it does not support the advanced accessibility features such as AlwaysOn Available Groups as well extra online operations. This edition also maintains two-node AlwaysOn Failover Clusters. Business intelligence edition has only one licensing which is per server license. This edition has a standard level of availability, with only one performance and scalability feature, with the three security features similar to the standard version, a high level of replication, and with a high level of management tools integrated with high level of RDBMS manageability. It also has a high level of development tools, and it is highly programmable with a high level of integration services.

Enterprise Edition

This is the program lineup high end of SQL Server 2012. It supports the maximum value of RAM and cores in the OS and gives the feature set of the SQL server that include support for all of the extended BI features and availability features. This edition support a maximum of 16-node  AlwaysOn Available Groups, ColumnStore index, transparent data encryption, advanced auditing, MasterData Services, Power View, PowerPivot, and online operations, among others. The edition is licensed per core. In addition, this edition is highly available, highly a maximum level of scalability and performance, it ensures maximum security, a high level of replication, with an extensive range of management tools. It also has a high RDBMS manageability, it is highly programmable, and with highly level of integration services. It is the most loaded and extensive edition with all possible features that one can desire.

Express Edition

The SQL 2012 contains three free versions of express edition. They include express which offers database only, express with extended services and express with tools. In addition Microsoft will continue providing SQL Server management studio express which is downloadable. This edition is restricted to support for 1 GB of RAM, and one CPU. Moreover, databases are restricted to 10 GB for every database. Additionally, a new choice known as LocalDB will also available under express edition (MSDN.Microsoft, 2012).

LocalDB Edition

LocalDB is a new option added to the SQL servers. It is not old compact edition. However, it utilizes the same engine of sqlserver.exe as the other SQL Server editions and it is structured for developers. It needs no any form of configuration and it runs as a process of user rather than a service.

Web and Development Editions

The two editions will continue being part of the SQL 2012 family. The developer edition gives the same set of features as enterprise edition. Nevertheless, it cannot be utilized for production work since it is licensed per developer. On the other hand, the web edition is just licensed to hosting firms with a service provider license agreement (SLPA).

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