Movie Review – Mallrats

“Mallrats” is a movie is with a comic title based on the art of comedy. It begins with T.S’s plan to take his girlfriend, Brandi for a vacation to Fort Lauderdale. It, however, turns out that she cannot go for the vacation at the time. This is because her father has introduced a particular game he calls “Truth or Date” and he needs her to act as the emergency guest since she had disqualified Julie from acting that role due to her overweight (Annanya, 1999).

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Brodie, T.S’s best friend, is an addict of video games. He spends the better part of his time playing video to the extent that he does not get time for his girlfriend Rene.  Both Broody and T.S disagree with their girlfriends and decide to run to a mall whose big population comprises of incompetent security guards as well as nerdy clerks (Annanya, 1999). A good example is a friend they find in the mall who desperately stands at the posters trying to catch a glimpse of the 3D images.

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As the story unfolds, Roocker attempts to stage a game show in that mall while Brodie and T.S contemplate on ways of either making up with their girlfriends or finding new ones altogether. The two then encounter topless fortune teller who has three nipples.  They also meet Starn Lee, who is a renowned comic hero’s creator. They later learn that this legendary comic hero creator great as he is was once a teenager and had become a hero as a way of forgetting about the first girlfriend he ever had. The film “Mallrats” is a show of muffled voices and advice from the established and the experienced.

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There are several types of businesses depicted in this movie. These businesses include, among others, toy stores and sell of male as well as female clothing. Moreover, the mall has several foodstuff businesses such as the sale of cookies gerbils, potatoes among other foodstuffs. Beauty salons can also be singled out as forms of businesses in this film. It is almost impossible to get rid of these types of businesses since they are founded on a very strong historical background and given their social responsibility. The business of the fortune teller, for instance, is based on the fact that he wanted to forget his first girlfriend. Moreover, the popularity that has come with these types of businesses causes the businesses to continue.

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There are some distinct features of the businesses in this film. To begin with, most of these businesses are small scale business. They are run by individuals and do not have major business structures. Moreover, most of these businesses are legendary and historic having roots from the past. They offer essential commodities and services required by the local people in the area (Scott, 2003).

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The businesses depicted in the film are also deferent from other businesses in the sense that these types of businesses, like fortune- telling, focus on religious beliefs and cultural way of life of the people in the film. These types of businesses cannot be done anywhere else.  Moreover, certain occupations that seem to last forever as expressed in this film. These occupations come with fame and popularity in the town. Fortune telling, for instance, is shown as a popular occupation among the people in this film.

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