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On the viewers of all ages, the Twilight movie became the talk. With a view point of how the tutors may find scenes from the Twilight series ready to lend a hand and appealing for learners, the article tries to find the make use of the film in psychological lessons. First, I will start by illustrating the scenes in the Twilight film that talks about adolescent development theories. I will also provide a list of proposals for utilizing the film as a teaching tool in psychology.

Adolescent is a time of investigation that over and over again results to individual sense getting perplexed of self. However, this quizzical time and again results to wishing for to better comprehend what is fiction and what is realism. Adolescent start on to discover their lives, centering on what they are in the current and what they are likely to be in prospect. However, as a way of altering their realities, a number of adolescents may take on in fantasy. Adolescents who get involved in fantasy may get concerned in discovering constituents of fantasy and supernatural happenings for instance zombies, ghosts, vampires, and angels. By interpretation novels and screening films concerning paranormal happenings, adolescents can look into the “darker side of humankind whilst authenticating their belief in the paranormal” (Meloni, 2007). However, this assists young people to better grow an improved intelligence of individuality. On top, by discovering new means of belief apart from what they have in their daily lives, young people become conscious that there is an immense world of them to explore. Through media, chiefly on film, the college learners are capable of taking on in fantasy.  In isolation, film is mainly helpful in assisting adolescent to better comprehend themselves in addition to assisting those that work with young people.

Twilight illustrates adolescent development theories in different ways.  In the scenes where there is interaction with parent and talks of adolescent with parents about love and sex touches on the topics of families and sexuality on adolescent development. The school cafeteria and places like gym touches on the school peer groups. Town of Forks and Bella’s quizzical and watching of Edward’s deeds discovering Quileute fable are illustrations of culture and cognition respectively. Social practices of vampires and Edward and Bella affiliation are indicators of family peer groups’ culture and sexuality individuality. Activities with Cullen family and Bella protection by Cullen family also represent peer groups family. Fighting with other vampires, vampire mob, and isolation of Bella touched on the peer group psychosocial issues and psychosocial issues. Additionally, the scenes where Bella and Jacob ride a motorcycle with a biker where Bella jumps into water off cliff is also is a psychosocial issue. However, women vampires, men vampires and Bella is an indication of gender identity.

The adolescent development is very vital topic in psychology as it assists the learner to learn and understand the behavior and the consequences of the involved in the adolescent stage of human growth. Therefore, a tutor should utilize the entire teaching tool in teaching this concept so that the learners can understand it. In this course, the tutor can utilize the Twilight film to demonstrate adolescent development theories. On the lives of adolescents, there has been rising impact of media (Strasburger, 2005). For example, there are magazines and web sites that are devoted to speaking to the attentions of adolescents. Advertisers even spotlight on the adolescent inhabitants in line to aid sell a diversity of products varying from beverages to fashion. There are plentiful volumes and volume series that attribute pubescent central characters.  Also, there are a lot of songs that talk about the lives of youngster. Besides, there have been an escalating amount of films in the preceding few decades that attribute teenagers as the leading role and spotlight on pubescent themes. However, on such films, Twilight has been the most tremendous significant to the lives of pubescent.

The twilight series centers on Bella, a being adolescent that get concerned to a vampire by the name Edward. The series discover the various escapades that upshot from their love matter in “a place where anyone could suppose the supernatural existed.  A place where you just anticipated Snow White to walk right in with her apple in hand or a unicorn to stop and chew at the rosebushes” (Meyer, 2005, 479). In the course of the progress of Bella and Edward’s affiliation, the movies lend a hand to elucidate a diversity of topics that are pertinent to a pubescent development course.

The Twilight series is very important to many courses owing to its depiction of abundant adolescent theories. To comprehend the motives of adolescent, the tutor can get assisted by viewing the twilight series. The Twilight film also assist the educators to comprehend that adolescent are discovering reality and the paranormal as it acts a as a reminder to them. The film illustrates that adolescent are pushing the peripheries during this period as well as intensifying their objectives and dreams. Moreover, it is clear fro the film that adolescents have an enthrallment with those dissimilar from themselves and even more tolerant to others than grownups.

The use of film to demonstrate concepts is an educational practice that has been regularly utilized in the college. Twilight film has been utilized to educate a range of educational disciplines counting from counseling (Higgins & Dermer, 2001), and psychology (Bluestone, 2000; Boyatzis, 1994). Educators may chose this film based on the topic or lesson that will tag along the film. Chief features of films that do well in the lesson comprise strong themes, high-quality temperament progress, attractive faces, a quickly rated plot, and edifying implication. Topics that utilize film in the classroom vary from making a film variation of a fictional work and restructuring the film in a different language or through a different cultural view.

However, when an educator is selecting a film to utilize as a teaching technique, it is very vital to consider several issues. The educator should determine the purpose of the film so that to draw attention to important themes to the learners. The film should be recent so as to be pertinent to the learners both socially and culturally. Additionally, the educator should make sure that the film is pertinent to the topic he or she is teaching in a various ways. Finally, the educator should find external sources for reading to support themes illustrated by the film on the topic and look for a chance of self-reflection.

Utilizing Twilight in education adolescent development theories is helpful for whole class and as an individual. When utilizing aforementioned assignment, learner is capable of connecting main adolescent development theories and the film. Teachers can make use of particular clips to strengthen the course understanding and to spread out application of the theories by the learner. Incorporating film in a lesson is however very important to the leaner as it brings a clear picture of what is expected from the learner. It also help leaner see the reality of concepts taught in class as get acted by the characters in the movie. The development theories of adolescent incorporated in the Twilight film makes it the best movie for the educator to utilize when delivering these lessons. The learner can get the concepts of themes in the movie summarizing all the scenes which touches on the adolescent development theories.

It is very vital for adolescent to realize the changes happening in their minds and bodies as entirely ordinary ways of becoming a fully developed. Films similar to Twilight can be of assistance effortlessness and shed light on the multifaceted escapade that is adolescence, predominantly for individual who are getting trained to work with pubescent inhabitants. It is my hope that the proposals in this article may assist tutors plan learning settings that are inspiring, educational, and appropriate.

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