Nursing As A Cycle Of Nursing Research, Practice, And Theory Explained

Experts describe nursing as a cycle of nursing research, practice, and theory. Experts also propose that entry into this cycle can be made from any point. Explain your agreement or disagreement with each statement.

Experts describe nursing as a cycle of nursing research, practice, and theory, with entry into this cycle from any point. I disagree with this statement. To begin with, research, practice, and theory leave out and exclude some ardently and significant and meaningful aspects and features, such as development and implementation of insights, reflection, and interaction with feedbacks from the patients. Additionally, it is significant and vital to note that entry into the cycle from any point is very catastrophic and disastrous. Consequently, no person should start to practice nursing without groundwork and preliminary training and research (Nursing Theories, 2013). Conversely, the suitable and proper place for the theory is before practice. However, as nurse continuous to grow in the field of nursing, learns and increases in knowledge and even becomes aware of other theories, which becomes more significant and meaningful and aligns with the increased knowledge.

Additionally, Nursing, like other practice in medicine, is to compound and intricate to be condensed and reduced to an applied field. The Nursing field entails that a nurse should attend to the changing and increased knowledge and also adapt to any changes from the practice and also and the responses from the patient. Hence, we can conclude by saying that, moving from theory to practice is convoluted and complex, and Vice- Versa.

Lastly, the thought and notion, that nursing is a continuous cycle of research, practice, and theory that can be entered at any point (Jaarsma, &, Daasen, 1993). Neglects, ignores, overlooks, and overshadows the fact that efficient and effective practice is reliant to firm, and wide-ranging fundamentals in theory and research, and thus theory and research are not easily converted into practice.

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