How Four Concepts in Nursing’s Meta-paradigm Influential Practice and Philosophy of Nursing

How the four concepts in nursing’s met paradigm (person, environment, health, and nursing practice) influential to your practice and philosophy of nursing?

Nursing has different and assorted meaning and definitions are depending on different and multiple every culture and beliefs from all over the world. Consequently, my definition of Nursing is a healthcare career and practice that centers on the care of people, families, and communities so as attain a general objective of relative health and quality of life for all humankind (Jarrin, 2012). Further, from this perspective and view, I can describe and delineate the Meta -paradigm conceptions and concepts, which include Person, Environment, Health, Nursing so as to create and produce my viewpoint and philosophy of nursing. Additionally, the philosophy will address the concerns of nursing, therefore, allow me to review and evaluate the values I possess that will help me achieve the philosophy of nursing.

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Consequently, a Meta -paradigm stand for and signify the perception of a practice in its broadest viewpoint and standpoint. The four meta-paradigm of nursing are the essential concepts that are interconnected but have a different meaning. Conversely, when the four concepts defined separately and individually, they include and cover the philosophy of nursing and other related concerns.

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A Person stands for the individual’s culture, needs, and behavior. It recognizes the mental, physical, chemical, and intellectual, as a structure within a structure on a worldwide scale. Similarly, Health is a condition of health, and well-being an individual has the capability to function and take care of them separately and free from stress and illness (Jarrin, 2012). Further, Environment is a multifaceted concept that engages all fundamentals and essentials that affect a person mentally, socially, and physically. Lastly, Nursing, as I stated and cited earlier, is defined as a healthcare vocation that hub on the care of individual, households, and societies to accomplish the set goals of relative and quality health.

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