Online Dating and Relationships Case Study Analysis – Positive and Negative Data

Online Dating and relationships

Online dating is one of the social changes that have been brought about by expansion of the internet and smartphones. Based on the case study there are more people depending on online dating to get partners. Today about 11% of American adults are currently using online dating with 385 of individuals who are currently single and searching focus on mobile dating apps or online dating sited to get partners. Most internet users; 11% have confessed to have utilized the online dating. In addition, 7% of smartphone users have confessed to have utilized cell phone dating apps. The study also established that majority of online dating site users are American aged between 20 and 45 year old.  This form of dating is common among suburban and urban dweller and also among the college-educated persons (Smith & Duggan, 2013). This demonstrates how common online dating has turn to be. The extensive use of the online database has presented both positive and negative perception among individuals. This paper evaluates both positive and negatives concerns of online dating and relationship sites.

Positive Concerns of Dating and Relationship Sites

Online dating is currently perceived as a fruitful form of dating where by about 66% of online daters have managed to go on a real date with someone they met via a dating app or site. Other than this, online dating has managed to unit two love birds into a live time relationship where by about 23% of online daters claim they have partners who they have been in a long term relationship with or who have turn to be a spouse from the online site. This is resulting to the change of people’s attitude toward online dating. About 59% of users of the internet consider online dating as a virtuous way to meet people, while about 53% of the internet users support that online dating permits people to find themselves a better match. Online dating is regarded as one way to meet more people and to make a selection based on individual preference. The statistics clearly shows an improvement in the number of people perceiving the online dating positively compared to statistics collected in 2005. Internet is also used to get more information regarding a romantic partner (Smith & Duggan, 2013).

Negative Concerns of Dating and Relationship Sites

Despite the extensive growth of online dating, there is considerably large group of people with negative attitude towards it. Some people still believe that online dating is for desperate people. Based on the case study, 21% of internet users believe that those that use online dating are desperate. However, the recent statistics demonstrate a decline in the number of individuals who perceive online dating as desperation by 8% based on 2005 statistics. There is also a group that believes that online dating prevents people from settling down. Based on the case study about 32% of users of the internet agree that online daters always find someone to date and hence they do not strive to keep a relationship (Smith& Duggan, 2013).


Online dating and internet relationships have been growing in popularity with time. This has made it possible for people to continue change their attitude toward internet dating. Today more people perceive internet dating as a more productive form of dating where a relationship can result to marriage. Although s there are people who still perceive it negatively, online dating is currently demonstrating higher positive results than before.

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