Team Building in Work Environment


Team building is the process of assisting a work group to be more effectual in accomplishing their work and in satisfying the requirements of the group members. Team building involves ironing out the differences of an organization via sectional retorts of misunderstanding in horizontal, intra-vertical, and vertical groups of an organization (Arrey, 2014). Team building is a continuous process which assists a work group to change into a cohesive unit. The members of a team share group task accomplishment expectations and also support and trust each other. They also respect differences among individuals in the team. The main duty of team builders is to direct the team towards productivity and cohesiveness. This paper evaluates the concept of team building focusing on its application in the actual work environment.

Team Building in Production Company Environment

Team building is an essential practice if an organization wishes to get the best out of their employees. To establish the best results, workers are encouraged to work smarter to supplement the hard work. According to Zia (2011), singlehandedly, personal brilliance does not define the fate of a whole project. In instances like this team building in the work environment turns to be absolutely important due to a several reasons. In Yin, et al. (2009) views, team building in a work environment assists in developing an open and enhanced communication among the employees and between the workers and the management. Team building goes for an extra mile in enhancing cooperation, understanding and professional associations, aspects that are highly reflected on the quality of the work done. Team building in an organization contributes significantly in building trust among the workers and in employee motivation, thus guaranteeing improved productivity.

In a team oriented work environment, the contribution of every worker focuses on the general organization success. Despite of having different job description or unique job function, workers are unified to attain the overall goals. In this regards, workers actions are driven by the organization’s bigger picture. According to Healthfield (n.d.), organization staffs, managers and executive generally explore various ways of enhancing business profitability and results. In this process horizontal team-based organizational structure has been regarded as the best structure for engaging all workers in generating business success. To achieve this, there are a number of efforts that need to be employed in an organization. This include, defining clear expectations, context and commitment. In this regard, the management team will have to communicate its expectation to the workforce team and the anticipated outcomes. They should also ensure that the team members clearly understand the purpose of a team, and what the team should prioritize on. The team member should also be assisted to understand their actual role in the team. Division of duties and obligation should be clear and each team member should know the extent to which his or her duty plays in contributing to the general outcome. For great success, the team member must find the team vision, mission and objective viable and essential to an organization. The task should also ensure growth to the team member in their career development as well as their proficiency and skill. This will ensure that the team members are highly motivated by the challenge to ensure effective completion of the task and ability to acquire the best results possible.

Team building can be enhanced by a number of activities. According to (), there are a number of common team building practices that enhances team communication, enhanced performance and great success. Some of these activities include conducting workers feedback activities, organizing of trips, enhancing informal addressing, celebrating the success of each other and initiating sessions of group discussions. In Tintin (n.d.) views, employee feedback activities and survey are essential ways of encouraging the workers to communicate freely. It makes employees to feel valued in an organization. This makes them to feel more comfortable in an organization or a team and work with team success in mind. Elimination of formal addressing allows free interaction and conversations. This gives the workers belonging assurance and they feel more as a part of the organization rather than servants in an organization. This approach promotes communication in the workplace, ideas sharing and hence promoting the maintenance of healthy work associations.

Rewarding employees for a job well done by offering them a social trip with their families makes them to feel highly appreciated. This celebration of the company’s success together rejuvenates their work spirit. It also makes them more focused into ensuring company’s success which they also share and enjoy. This enhances future efficiency with regard to work quality and meeting of the work deadline among other aspects that enhances performance. Finally, involving team members in group discussions especially where it is hard to make a decision regarding a certain aspect of the project is also very essential. Welcoming workers opinions and suggestions assist in promoting teamwork, enhance the confidence of workers and also make them very useful and valued by the organization. Therefore, the employment of all the above four aspect can easily enhance the development of team work which ensures great organization performance in the future (Tintin, n.d.).

How to Employ the Knowledge Gain to Make Changes in the Future

According to the discussion, team building plays great role in enhancing the performance of an organization. Employees are always considered as the main stakeholders of an organization. They play a major role in determining the organization performance. In this regard, I have realized that it is very essential to establish a good relation with these employees. This can be enhanced by enhancing open communication where by an employee can ask question, raise idea or opinion, or consult freely among other employees and also with managers. I have also learnt that open projects discussion forums are essential in building a team work. The project success is highly determined by how much the players are associated with the project. Involvement of workers in making suggestions and solving arising issues makes them part of the project and making them to work extra hard to ensure that some of their suggestions have made a difference in the final outcome. In this regard, I would employ the knowledge to create conducive work environment where all team members would feel valued, obligated, and as part of the projects success or failure. This will enhance the team work and the general performance.


Team building is a practice that is very essential to all team managers who intends to celebrate the success of their projects. In this regard, the main duty of team builders is to direct the team towards productivity and cohesiveness. To manage this, a team manager should focus on enhancing open communication, and conducive environment where every team member feels, important, valued and as a part of the organization success. This way, a team member will manage to enhance the team cohesiveness and thus, manage to acquire great success in their projects.

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